How Having 1000 Friend On Social Networks Can Be A Business Itself

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In this article we are going to learn how we can publish a business by having a lot of friends online

A Question

First of all let me ask you a question:
Which one do you prefer?
1 - 1000 dollar
2 - 1000 Facebook follower

Maybe many of you choose number one. But in my idea you choosed a wrong answer.
Let me ask you my question in another way:
Which one do you prefer?
1 - 1000 dollar
2 - 100 dollar per week

Now which one do you prefer?

Really, Followers Make Money For Me?

If you treat them right, they'll even make more money than what I said.
There are many ways for making money online but we know just a few of them. In some ways You don't need to sell something to make money, you don't need to do a service for a client to make money.In this way you just need to promote and show something to make money.
There are many companies which pay millions of dollar every month for just showing their products to people all over the world so you can be one of that people who promote and show their products to your friends and make money this way.


On this article I will give you some simple and short examples and in next articles we will analyse these ways together more than now. Here are three amazing methods:
1 - PPD : Pay per download is one of these ways. For example imagine you have a newsletter which you want to give it to your friends freely so PPD sites can be amazing cause they do not get money from your friends but they'll pay you money for their download.

2 - Shortening : Another amazing way is shortening, these websites will pay you for each person who come to your link which you shortened by their site.

3 - CPM/CPC : Make a website or blog and every time you updated it put a part of it in your fan page and make money with google adsense or other platforms by the traffic you got from your fan page.

NOTE: you can read more about CPC and CPM on this post : CLICK HERE

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author avatar SunnyJasrotia
28th Nov 2015 (#)

I am having much followers but they do not click on the site links . Not even like or comment on the post. Though I am having image site but not getting that much visits that I am looking for.Please suggest some ideas .Thanks

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author avatar Mehdi RF
28th Nov 2015 (#)

First of all thank you for your comment.
Secondly there are 3 more important thing about followers, first is that as I mentioned in the article you must treat them right and this mean that you should make them active, one of these ways is asking them some surveys and find their favorites by these surveys and also be in touch with them and if it is possible get their email address or other social network ids and answer all of their comments and comment for their posts too, secondly your niche is so important i mean some niche have more fans(like health and fitness) and also your fan page (and i guess you do not have a fan page for your site) must be in the same niche with your site.
thirdly a very important thing is being update, you must always update your fan page. I strongly suggest you to start a fan page for your site and more work on your content quality and also try to switch your followers to your friends or fans.
best regards for you

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author avatar Mehdi RF
7th Sep 2016 (#)

i sent you an email
please check your email address

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