How Great Lawyers Win Bad Cases

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It describes how a layer can handle hard cases and win with simple strategy :)

How Great Lawyers Win Bad Cases

There are more than 8,000 active lawyers in the State of Utah. They're not all created the same. How do you know which lawyer is going to get the job done? Here's how great lawyers work to win a bad case:

1. We demand the evidence

A great lawyer doesn't just review the state's police report and recommend that the client plead guilty. A police officer is only going to write things in the police report that are favorable to the state's case. A great lawyer knows that they need to conduct their own investigation.

Your lawyer should contact witnesses for interviews. They should take the time to evaluate the physical evidence if there is any. If they need to, they should consult with experts to help them and possibly the jury understand scientific or technical information.

The state's attorney may not willingly present all of the information that's helpful to the client. Your attorney can use a process called discovery to demand that the other side produce information about the case. If the state refuses to produce the information, it can result in penalties for the state or even dismissal of your case.

2. We respect the burden of proof

A case that doesn't look winnable to a client might look like a great case to a skilled and experienced attorney. We know that the state has to prove every element beyond a reasonable doubt. That means that a jury typically holds the state to a high level for its proofs.

We know how to question witnesses to see if they followed proper protocol. In many cases such as a drunk driving case, law enforcement has to gather evidence in a certain way. If they don't follow their training, the evidence isn't any good. Our team is experienced in the courtroom and we know how to question officers in a way that can bring these law enforcement errors to light.

4. Get to know the jury

One of the answers to how a law firm wins cases is that they use jury selection procedures to start to win their case before trial even begins. In fact, jury selection might be as important as the trial itself. A great attorney can use jury selection to their advantage by both finding jurors with biases and starting to form an impression in the jury's mind about the case.

During the selection process, the attorneys have the chance to ask the jurors questions. These can include questions about how they feel about being in court and questions about their biases. It's also a time to start to expose jurors to the idea that witnesses can be mistaken or that scientific evidence isn't always reliable.At Wasatch Defense Lawyers , our legal team sees every case as our most important case. We employ every technique that we can to use our training and experience to build your best defense.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
24th Jun 2017 (#)

All Lawyers (layers as per your spell check) are liars and all liars are not lawyers.
The evidence doesn't win the case, its the money that buys justice that does so.
A poor man has no justice.

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