How Computer Technology has Refined Tool Making and Machine Design

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Machine Design and Tool Making have progressed in leaps and bounds thanks to the advances brought on by computer technology. Read on to find out more about the intricacies involved in high-end machining.

How Computer Technology has Refined Tool Making and Machine Design

Industrial engineering, or the design and development of systems, processes, tools and machines for mass production, has been revolutionised by advanced computer technology.

For the first time ever, the accuracy of automation solutions, tool making and machine design can be measured in terms of nano-accuracy, rather than micro-accuracy, creating a seamless and cost effective manufacturing process.

Nano-accuracy capabilities with CNC machining

Computers work together with the advanced analytical skill of industrial engineers, who brainstorm the manufacturing process, from developing the machines and tools that will undertake the task, to the automation systems or assembly lines that will streamline the production process.

They then implement a plan of action which entails the use of CNC or computer-operated machines to forge tools and components with absolute precision. Computer software is used to control the motion systems of the tools and workpieces in a process known as computer-aided manufacturing or CAM.

To consistently manufacture flawless parts or products that will be popular and affordable at market, it is essential to maximise predictability and repeatability. This can now be achieved by simply programming the computer to drive the machine and tooling with incomparable speed and precision.

In short, new generation machines are now capable of achieving accuracy levels that were only dreamt of a decade ago!

CAD or computer-aided design

Machines and tools are not only operated by computers. Their design is often enhanced by CAD or computer-aided design where computer technology is used in a three dimensional design process which also provides all the requisite information on the materials, dimensions, processes and tolerances to be employed.

Virtual manufacturing technologies

One of the latest industrial engineering developments is the use of virtual manufacturing technologies that are integrated into existing machine design and tool making processes.

This intelligent and simultaneous coupling of precision engineering and computer simulation has proved to drastically reduce the number of design problems that typically bedevil the production of parts, components and manufactured products.

Predict problems and recommend design improvements

These smart virtual manufacturing systems are able to predict problems in tool making and machine design prior to manufacture. There is no longer any need for physical prototype development, where many design iterations are traditionally required to optimise performance quality and accuracy.

Virtual manufacturing software packages, capable of both identifying production flaws and recommending design enhancements, not only optimise the production process, they offer considerable savings too. In the past, every re-design of a machine, tool or process resulted in additional development costs, the over consumption of valuable resources and, most importantly, significant delays in getting the new product to market!

For the competitive edge, recruit the services of precision industrial engineers

If you are intent on manufacturing plastic components, parts or products in a fast and efficient computer-enhanced production process which offers cost savings and exceptional accuracy, contact industrial engineers who will conceptualise, develop and implement the entire process on your behalf.


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