How Chatbots Can Improve Call Centers

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This is how far AI technology has gone and it’s only getting better.


Customer service is a vital aspect in modern business. Even though companies are looking to provide exceptional customer service, there are still a lot of challenging experiences for customers. With call centers in particular, there are many things that don’t meet the expectations of customers.

Telling multiple agents the same thing, waiting for dozens of minutes on hold to get someone to talk to, losing a lot of time on getting quality information and exhausting conversations that don’t provide anything of value are just some of the issues customers encounter. However, with the wide adoption of AI, these problems can be solved, particularly with chatbots.

Chatbots are AI-powered applications which can serve as customer support assistants using natural language and AI intelligence. Even free chatbots can understand human conversations and the intent of callers and help them perform tasks like scheduling appointments or changing passwords without even talking to an agent. This is how far AI technology has gone and it’s only getting better.

Chatbots are scalable

At the moment, call centers don’t offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to scalability. On the other hand, a quality chatbot solution can handle an unlimited number of customers at the same time. Even if there is a surge of customer inquiries regarding a certain new product launch or service change, a call center will be able to give quick answers and accept queries with just one quality AI chatbot.

With call center agents, you need one employee for each customer and this means that a Chatbot can not only handle more people at the same time, but it can also save a company a lot of money.

This scalability of Chatbots allows a business to save more and more, as the number of customers increases. Now, a lot of people think this is how customer support agents will lose their jobs but, in fact, they will make their jobs easier.

As Henri Ben Ezra the CEO of Snatchbot Chatbot platform says “the implementation of chatbots will liberate customer support agents, as the majority of quarries revolve around the same, simple questions that can be handled easily by these AI-powered applications”.

The Snatchabot platform already has a variety of free chatbots for customer service that help agents get rid of mundane queries and let them focus on important and more complex issues.

24/7 support

In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, customers are used to having a great experience. This means that they don’t want to wait for anything or anybody and with call centers this is a common thing. No matter how insignificant this might seem it is a big issue, as customers want to get a quality service instantly and have a business at their disposal 24/7.

Sadly, call centers can’t be available 24/7, as companies would have to hire more agents to keep their channel open at all times. With AI solutions this is not a problem because chatbots never sleep and they will work day and night, ready to provide support to customers from all around the world.

Even though they can’t (yet) provide highly complex answers, they can give answers to the majority of queries and engage other customers by being there for them.

Lowered costs and improved customer experience

Companies can reduce their costs a lot by leaving outdated technologies and upgrading to AI chatbots. This might sound like a complex and heavy investment but it isn’t. There are a lot of free chatbots that can get the job done, and there are more and more of them each day.

This is already happening, as call centers around the world are adopting chatbots.
Research has shown that chatbot solutions can reduce the costs of customer service by 30%. Not only can chatbots allow a call center to operate efficiently with less customer service agents and let them focus on more important aspects of their job, but they can also gather valuable information and analyze it to provide answers customer support agents need.

When chatbots lead a customer to an agent, their road can be analyzed and this helps you understand exactly what information a customer is looking for. This can help streamline customer support and allow agents to prepare answers even to complex issues and know what to look for without having to start the conversation with a customer from scratch.


Chatbots were a buzzword in 2017, but overnight they have become a very useful technology that automates more and more tasks, while at the same time allowing for a personal touch.

Call centers that want to improve their efficiency and reduce overall costs can benefit a lot from these solutions in the future and in this digital age were technology evolves quickly, organizations that strive to implement new tools will be able to get ahead.


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