Honor is a five letter word that depends on three principles

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Sure, success is the first thing we all want. But, real success comes through accumulated understanding and honorable temporary "failure". The only way to be successful the first time and stay that way all the time is to cheat without conscience or fear of reprisal. I will now explain fully my point:

"Never give up!", said three times to a questioner by Winston Churchill; Simon Peter denied his benefactor and paid for it like a fearful quitter does

If you want to really succeed, that is the principle in the title of this section that is accurate. The principle is "never give up, never give up, never give up" meaning all failure that you genuinely learn and benefit from is temporary, and all failure that makes you permanently quit in weakness is permanent. This is the principle that separates the strong from the weak, this is the principle that makes the difference between permanent legends and has been people.

Sure, I could make it more complicated and complex than it is and tell it like it is not, but at great cost to myself and you. Sure you would be reading more beautiful sounding theory, but what would it do for you in a practical way?

It would do nothing but sound good, and be more knowledge you take in without being able to digest it. I want this to be something that really helps and is "intellectually digestible" at very deep levels.

After all, Winston Churchill got it right, where Simon Peter, the apostle of Jesus Christ got it wrong. He quit by denying Jesus three times, and before he quit, he tried to walk on the water with Jesus, but sank when he did not follow through, Winston Churchill said and meant "never give up" three times. When a person follows through without fear or quitting, that is when they are at their most powerful. Indeed, honor is not just a word or a state of mind, it is a reality that is created through action and understanding combined into a matrix of follow through without let up. For good or bad, follow through will always succeed of first time success luck.

For, this I believe: Everybody has the same luck, but when it comes to follow through, nobody has the same blessing. Everybody is individual in that sense, in that reality comes down to "How far are you willing to genuinely take it, whatever the consequences." A real winner is at best, great at losing at practicing when needed, so efforts can be done better and genuinely winning when it counts. That is exactly what I mean by everybody has the same luck, but nobody has the same follow through blessing. How many people persist in the face of colossal failure, and then succeed? My answer is: "The ones who do."

Sure, I could stop here and let you wet your lips in anticipation of being ready for that great effort, but I will give you a little more preparation:

Real success is a strange thing that often appears in the form of the worst failure that can ultimately be developed into success if the mistakes are learned from. After all, if Simon Peter had admitted this fact into his consciousness. He would have walked on the water perfectly, in perfect faith, and affirmed Jesus and let them take him away without fear. Get it now? "Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up!"


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