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Home-based business ideas for those who wish to or need to stay home with their families.

Stay at Home

For many families, it is imperative both parents work away from home to support the family. In many cases, the second income does little more than pay for the babysitter and perhaps buy a few groceries. What if it were possible to stay home, earn some money and not have to worry about child care? In some cases it is a single parent trying to make ends meet. In this case it is even more important to work from home and make a modest income.

In addition to obliterating childcare expenses, there is also a decrease in expenses such as fuel, lunches and wear and tear on vehicles. It's amazing how much money can be saved by not having to drive to an outside job each month.

What kind of jobs can be done from home?

There are many jobs which may be done from the comfort of your own home. Anything from sales to freelancing and many things in between.

For the creative person, craft items or quilts may be made at home and either sold at local markets or shops. An Open House could also be held to showcase the inventory. Orders may also be taken for commissioned pieces if so desired. If the space is available, it is possible to have a "storefront" in the home.

For the patient person, a career in child care may be in order. Why not care for children instead of working away from home? For those who have young children, this is a perfect opportunity for them to learn to share their toys with others and make new friends. Childcare is big business today, and it is quite possible to earn enough to pay the mortgage and take a family vacation. An agency approved home is best, as payment will be guaranteed and support will be given where need be.

A person who loves the outdoors and gardening could easily make a decent income by growing fruits and vegetables. This is of course a seasonal occupation, but it can pay quite handsomely if the proper marketing techniques are used. Plus, a little bit of diversification never hurt either. Some people can keep busy from Spring right through until late Fall with bedding plants, vegetables and a big pumpkin patch. Sales can also include jams and other preserves made from the produce they grow.

A freelancer also has the opportunity to earn an income from home. This is a field which is a little more unpredictable in monetary rewards however. It takes diligence, perseverance and countless hours of writing to make ends meet. It is highly recommended to do research to see which sites pay the best. It is also a good idea to join a site for the social aspect as well. Fellow freelancers are usually willing to share information with others...doing so benefits them in the long run.

For the animal lover, raising livestock such as alpacas is a great way to earn a modest income from home. They offer a little more flexibility as they do not require full attention at all times. They do well with food, water and shelter. If they are being shown they will also need to be halter broke and led. They are raised to breed and for their fleece. A crafter could capitalize by creating wearables from yarn made from the alpaca fleece.


In order to succeed in a home based business one has to be structured, diligent, organized and willing to put in extra hours. A healthy balance has to be found between work and family. Depending on the chosen business, work hours should be followed as much as possible. If the business is farming or gardening, do not be afraid to get other family members involved. It will teach them skills they will have for a lifetime.

Every business requires an office of some sort. Try to have one in a separate room. If this is not possible, claim a corner of another room for a desk, filing cabinet, computer and chair. It should be pointed out to family members it is the work space and no one is allowed unless they are going to do some work. That should keep most people clear of the area.


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author avatar Val Mills
15th Feb 2011 (#)

Glad you mentioned the balance above Diane, We have a home operated business and between that and my writing, which I like to think of as a mini business, we have to make the effort to step away at times. That's the trouble when you enjoy what you do.

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author avatar Martin King
17th Feb 2011 (#)

interesting read why is money so hard to make and so easy to spend, thanks for sharing

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author avatar Tity
20th Feb 2011 (#)

You're right in the words you said, but I haven't seen anything about working online - you give a few good examples, which, take one at a time and investing some time in it can be made a good online business: let's take the livestock raising - you can create a website where you can promote and mediate some sales, make a e-book to learn other interested people how to succesfuly raise livestock and other tips on that business and than take this e-book and distribute it for free or even sell it and so on...

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author avatar Diane Ziomek
20th Feb 2011 (#)

You are right...I did not mention any online opportunities. Looks like I will have to get busy and write another article catering to online opportunities. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

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