Home Income Profit System - Legit or Scam?

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You may have seen “news articles” talking about a Kelly Richards (who incidentally lives in your area) and how much money she made working online. If you look at the article more carefully you’ll see that it’s nothing but a farce, closely resembling what real news sites commonly look like.

Home Income Profit System (Home Income Wealth System) Reviews – Legit or Scam?

The Home Income Profit System (recently renamed The Home Income Wealth System) is a now notorious internet scheme that claims to help you make money from home. Their make money kit is often promoted through the use of fake newspaper articles and other unscrupulous means.

You may have seen “news articles” talking about a Kelly Richards (who incidentally lives in your area) and how much money she made working online. If you look at the article more carefully you’ll see that it’s nothing but a farce, closely resembling what real news sites commonly look like.

It comes as no surprise to me that Home Income Wealth System is almost a direct copy of previous make money online scams called Home Income Profit System, Home Income Black, and BlackBelt Profit System among others. This sort of tactic is often used by experienced online scammers…

When the customer complaints start piling up they simply give it a new name, move some graphics around, and start over fresh. This process goes on and on while they continue to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting customers.

If this seems hard to believe just take a look at the two screen shots from BlackBelt Profit Systems and The Home Income Profit System.

Home Income Profit System

The reason why there’re so many complaints against these types of kits is because the companies running them use very shady billing practices. They offer the program as a Free Trial, charging you only several dollars for S&H, but as soon as they get your credit card details they quickly hit you with a much larger charge.

Take a look at their terms and conditions:
When you submit your order, you agree to pay the shipping and handling fee of $2.97 for your Road Map to Success; please allow up to two weeks for delivery. After your 3-day trial period, you will be charged a ONE TIME fee of $139.95 for the product that will not be billed again for access to all of the features above. Thereafter, a $4.95 fee will serve as a monthly website hosting and maintenance fee until canceled.

They say that it can take up to two weeks to receive your materials, yet they charge you after just 3 days! So basically there’s no chance of you having enough time to review the materials and decide if it’s worth the $139.95 + $4.95 a month. Some people have even reported being charged the $139.95 fee the same day as their order.

Update 09/28/10: The Home Income Profit Kit is now also sold as the “Home Income Wealth System”

The other problem with this type of billing is that many people don’t even read the terms and only find out about the true costs when it’s already too late. In addition, lots of people have reported difficulties reaching customer support in order to cancel the trial or get a refund.

So what do you get with the Home Income Wealth System, and can you really make money using it?

Well what you get is several website templates and instructions telling you to promote products from your website. While some marketers do make money promoting products online, you’ll never succeed with the Home Income Profit/Wealth System and here’s why…

They don’t actually teach you how to do it. The course materials are purposefully incomplete to make it easier for their telemarketers to up-sell you costly coaching and mentoring programs. Moreover, they don’t tell you upfront that you’ll need to spend money on advertising for your website, a tactic that doesn’t always pay for itself and can lead to losses, especially when you’re just learning internet marketing.

This, coupled with the fact that you’re already out over $140 in unexpected charges can be a real blow to most folks.

If these guys really did have a product that could teach you how to make money online then they wouldn’t have to use deceptive billing and false advertising to get customers. A high value product would make them enough money on its own merit and they wouldn’t have to keep changing the name, not to mention they might actually generate testimonials instead of complaints.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
12th Mar 2012 (#)

An informative share thank you.

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author avatar Funom Makama
16th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks for the share, nice work friend.

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author avatar arman123
16th Mar 2012 (#)

Good info , thank for sharing

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author avatar Nithin
20th Jul 2012 (#)

thanku so much for this info when people are much worried about money they blindly believe in such stupid traps and when i tried to post on that home profit systems that it is fake it is not posting here comes the conclusion

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author avatar Paola
3rd Apr 2013 (#)

I've visited this site but I wonder if it gives you work, why you have to pay for $ 24 dollars for membership, it sounds strange to me at first, so I didn't continue cause I don't have a credit card. So they claim that it is a legit site but I wonder why they ask for credit card if their reason is to help jobless earn money.

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author avatar Molina
27th May 2013 (#)

Thanks for the information. If I was gonna do this I would use a prepaid credit card so can control how much money they get and when. That would teach them.

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author avatar Sheila mccarthya
28th May 2013 (#)

I've tryed to cancellation this home profit system. I can't find a no# I will contact. My bank and the Bobby to find a number one way or another please. Cancell

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author avatar Muhammad asad
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

Thats good and ver better way of earning in part time

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author avatar Davey
10th Aug 2013 (#)

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author avatar Alain
30th Oct 2013 (#)

I stay home and make money without selling. I trade daily.Your comments regarding Home profit clicking sounds to be fair, but I am afraid that you are doing that on behalf of jealousy. Many people claim making money from it.I have seen different posting where real people seem making money for real. Money will not come to easy people.if there are anything that you need to do, just do it. Trading for me is the easiest way to make money only.Take a look at wbdteams.com

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author avatar Sizwe
15th Jul 2014 (#)

My wife joined one of these online wealth systems with promises for returns, as soon as you pay you are assigned a mentor whose supposed to guide you through the process which never happens ofcourse. Just money down the drain be caferfull out there

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author avatar Nakabaale
29th Oct 2014 (#)

Am willing to bear with all conditions so that i become rich also in the world.

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