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If you retire what do you do? Give up socializing and sit in the living room watching cooking shows and knitting till your grandchildren has sweater after sweater. Or do you still socialize and volunteer if you are still bright and bouncy? But do you volunteer at the hospital gift shop? The library? What about what this article about volunteering that is about an unusual thing that this lady chose to volunteer? Would you volunteer like her in your area?

Linda McPherson and her different choice that she chose

There is a Daughtery Township Pennsylvania that reads voraciously. Her favorites are crime stories and mysteries. Her name is Linda McPherson.She is very educated being a retired teacher and has a writing certification from the University of Pittsburgh.

I guess now that she is retired she wants to do something rather than sit around and knit. She wanted to do something for mankind that was also exciting she wanted to volunteer County Detective Office, which is the county in which she live. She lives in this small town mentioned in Pennsylvania She offered to volunteer for the job because they probably don't have enough money to take on a new job.

Linda writes the County Detective agency to volunteer her time

She wrote to County District Attorney Anthony Berosh, who pondered her gratis offer. He talked to Assistant Chief County Detective Andrew Gall. They worried if they could find any use for her. She met with Anthony Berosh and Andrew Gall, and they decided she would do a great job at a certain department. They decided she would be the most help the cold case files department

Linda charges a good price= free!

Bosh made the remark why they let her volunteer that "They price is good" meaning she is working hard for free But seriously Andrew Gall says that "she's very intelligent and educated." She looks for answers to the questions about the case she is assigned, finds leads that can be traced down, and different reports. Linda is humble saying that the investigators do their job right, and the investigators that were originally assigned to the case did their job right. They just needed a new point of view like hers.

Cold Files really needed a volunteer

She looks for questions in which they have answers; she tracks down leads that weren't tracked down before. Then she looks at matches the detectives find before. The Cold Case files had been mayhem before Linda volunteered. The Cold cases are old and have different investigators from different times add material that could be a clue,

An example of the ay Linda finds clues are One person saw a car. That car was unknown by the first witness, but they number. The other witness saw the car and knew its make but didn't know its license plate number. So, Linda put together one and one and got two that means a clue.

What Linda does at as she volunteers

Brush calls what Linda does deductive reasoning that was first done by Sherlock Holmes the detective character made out of the mind Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Linda starts by reading through the file of the of the cold case. Then she makes a profile of what she considers what the suspect would be like. Then a list of things she thinks the detectives should do and.

Before she can work on a case, the department the case belongs, needs to give permission. She has to get the department head like the head of narcotics or homicide.pertaining to the case. She needs permission in case it is a deep and serious case people who aren't detectives shouldn't see.
Then Linda gives her information she thought of and gave it to Andrew Gall who gives it to the detectives

Some of the case on which Linda has worked and they find a suspect for a cold case

A case she helped on was a 2004 murder case of Robin Sue Miller of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and found a suspect in the case named Jarrod A Billie. Linda is excited a Cold Case has found a suspect. She hopes that the detectives got a suspect because of work she did.

She is quite humble stressing that the detectives have been doing their best of their ability and the original detective did a great. She wants the people of those cold cases to now that just because the detectives aren't coming to their homes or calling she is working on the Cold Case from years ago. She didn't forget them.

IN the 1994 murder of Sarah Boehm she worked on this unsolved case even though it is hard because Sarah was once one of her students she taught. She commented on this that "This is a case that is pretty dear to my heart.

Linda did other jobs, too. In October 2014, she helped Andrew Gall give a presentation at a symposium. The symposium was at Duquesne Unversity in Pittsburgh at the symposium named for the famed former Pittsburgh Coroner Cyril Wecht, who is brilliant with bot both a medical and Law degree. He is so smart sounding when he talks!


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