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It is interesting to see the top searched terms for Google; the world's premier search engine. Yet looking at how the top ranked sites on these categories can assist us in building our own ranking and visibility. This is something that every business should be looking at today.

The Top Keywords used on Google!

I sure you have always wondered this, so here they are revealed:

1 - Insurance
2 - Loans
3 - Mortgage
4 - Attorney
5 - Credit
6 - Lawyer
7 - Donate
8 - Degree
9 - Hosting
10 - Claim
11 - Conference Call
12 - Trading
13 - Software
14 - Recovery

No Sex Please, We are on the Web!

Perhaps the most surprising thing here is that the word 'Sex' does not appear on the list. Sex was undoubtedly the most searched word ten years ago, but it is clear that the Internet and its user community has matured in attitude over the years and that shows in what we are searching for.

Business is of Major Importaance

Each of these categories, except perhaps "donate" has business implications. Insurance, loans, and mortgages are three key categories where companies have focused on web based sales over the past ten years. Whilst you may not sign mortgage documents on-line each potential borrower will conduct a major amount of research before making a decision. This was certainly the case when we were seeking mortgage and insurance on the past few months.

The Advertising Imperative

One thing is certain those tiny adverts make Google a lot of money and it is that that keeps searching free for the rest of us. Being seen is one of the reasons why web vendors look at both advertising and sponsored posts and are target to the area in which we live.

Each search we perform will come up with sponsored results, adverts, country based results and even local businesses offering these services (together with a local map), as shown in the picture here. Overall the more prominence you wish your product or service to have the more important it is to pay per click to have interested people brought to your site.

Yet it is still possible to take advantage of free services in order to promote your business.

Search Engines Make Money from the things we Need

Clearly search provides more than merely a social need. Google Adwords are placed on the results page of any search that contains the words that the advertiser has purchased and where they are placed will depend on the maximum amount the advertiser is prepared to pay per click. Getting these words and ranking is crucial especially since the maximum costs per click for a category like "Insurance" will exceed $50 per click.

Therefore any business that intends to have itself found through Google, or other search engines for that matter, needs to consider the whole strategy needed to bring prospective customers to their site. How you keep them on your site afterwards is another matter. Can you convert the visitor into a customer? This is a matter of how good a sales job your site does.


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Helful information Peter, many thanks.

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Thanks for the info, Peter.

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Very good information, thank you!

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informative article peter.....

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Interesting and informative. ;)

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Interesting and informative. ;)

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