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If there’s one thing we Americans love more than freedom, guns and enormous hamburgers, its cars. From the Nascar nut job to the soccer mom with her gigantic SUV with six kids and a dog in the back. In the 1960’s Americans owned 61,671,390 cars, that’s around one car for every three people. However, in 2008 the U.S owned almost one car per person living there, 137,079,843. We are a nation of consumption, and with this consumption comes some responsibility, our responsibility to recycle.

Scrapping Your Old Car

According to the National Automobile Dealers association, America scrapped 14.1 million cars alone last year. Scrapping your old car has become a very popular choice for people all over America as when a car reaches the end of its life cycle; the range of profit to be gained from selling it on to a new owner is dramatically decreased. Across the pond in Europe, scrapping has been incredibly popular since the UK Government introduced the Car Scrappage Scheme in 2009 to boost car sales in the UK. If you owned a car that had been on the road for ten years or more, the government would provide a payment of £1,000 towards helping you a brand new, out of the showroom car and scrap your old one for you. This is a scheme that proved very popular with the British pubic and saw a 26% increase of car sales within the UK. This scheme also helped improve emission ratings as new cars produce fewer emissions than their older counterparts and the fiscal benefits was a massive boost the faltering British car industry.

The scrappage scheme in the UK has become a great success and now government legislation is now in place to ensure that 95% of cars that are deemed to be at the end of their life cycle are scrapped. Watch this video for more information.

Recycling Parts

Responsibly getting rid of your old car at the end of its usage is a great way of lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment. But what about when you only need to get rid of parts of your car? You don’t want to recycle the whole thing just because you’ve chipped the windscreen. Depending on the part of the car you need to replace will dictate the route you need to take when you’re getting rid of the old part. For any glass and metal items such as door wings and windows then your local scrapyard should be able to help you out. When looking to replace your windscreen though, don’t be so hasty. There are now a number of companies across the US which provide windscreen repairs and which can be claimed back from your insurance that don’t affect your no claims bonus, ensuring that you save money by not having to fork out for a new windscreen if you chip it.

Recycling some of the chemical components of your car and be a little trickier, take for example the car battery. Picking up new cheap car batteries is pretty easy, but what do you do with your old one? Simply leaving in the garage to rot away is not advised. The chemicals inside the battery will corrode the outer housing of the battery shell and leak, leaving a very dangerous pool of liquid in your garage. It’s best to recycle them at your local scrap yard where you can recycle it safely and cleanly.

Recycling your car isn’t as hard as it sounds, and with so many cars on the roads of America these days it’s all of our responsibility to do our bit for the environment, to think a little greener and to make the effort so that we can continue to enjoy are cars for generations to come

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