Getting Started YouTube: How to Grow Your Channel

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With the right idea, and a plan, this could turn into something profitable and great.


YouTube has grown into a highly profitable, useful and fun platform for all types of consumers. Not only can you stream all kinds of videos, but you could also create your own channel and post content. With the right idea, and a plan, this could turn into something profitable and great. For instance, there are a lot of gaming channels, like the one PewDiePie has; the most popular YouTube channel at that; where he regularly vlogs his gaming experiences and reviews. Other popular types involve sketch comedy. Clearly, there is an amazing opportunity here.

However, even though it seems easy, like overnight success, building and managing a YouTube channel demands strategy and knowledge. Before going into it, you should research the ins and outs of content management, audience engagement and every other component. In order to help you out with this part, here are several tips on how you could grow and keep your channel popular. You could take these points as a guide.

Specify your content type and update regularly

It would be wise to research the YouTube market, and find out what is in demand. This is essentially a video search engine. Therefore, creating videos with quality content is key. The best solution would be to have a specific channel, dedicated to one topic. For instance, you can be a tech reviewer, makeup and hair artist, TV show reviewer or anything similar. Moreover, you could even have a personal vlog where serious topics and life experiences would be discussed. Basically, do something you like and are good at.

Furthermore, once you settle on the topic, make sure the posts are uploaded regularly. For example, you can upload videos once a week (choose a day), or if you review several TV shows, you could upload them after each episode has aired. You can create your own schedule and stick to it. Other than having good quality content, consistency is important, as well. Being regular builds structure and the audience could rely on you and come back each week, knowing there is a video waiting for them. Plus, this helps you achieve higher ranking and a wider audience, beside other perks.

Engage the audience and reward them

There are a few ways in which you could get your audience to participate in discussions, send feedback or just be loyal followers. For example, you could ask questions during your videos and have them give you answers in the comment section. To be even better, you could respond to those comments and start a discussion. This is a nice way to let your followers know that you pay attention to what their thoughts are and that you value their opinion. Moreover, it is a great way to have them become a part of your channel. Furthermore, you could create special Q&A videos, from time to time, where you would answer all their questions.

Another important part of your online presence are other social media platforms. For instance, you could make a personal Facebook page or Twitter, or one for your channels, and communicate with your audience on those platforms. Without a doubt, these social networks are a crucial extension of your YouTube channel, so keep them active and alive. By interconnecting YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, for example, you would expand faster, and in greater range. Plus, it is a great marketing move.

Once you establish a solid relationship with your followers, make sure you reward them for supporting you. A good way to do this is to create a special loyalty program. Having free giveaway is one option. Then, you could have quizzes or competitions. Additionally, the most loyal ones could have an email subscription where they could get the newest information first, as well as a possibility win something, like vouchers, for instance. This is the first step towards a good marketing strategy.

Promote your channel

Speaking of marketing, you could try with email marketing. If you subscribers want, they could receive regular updates on all the news related to your channel and what you’ve been up to. And there is no need to hire someone to do this instead of you. It could be easily done by you with some of the best email marketing services that you could find online.

One more way to promote your channel is through social media. As mentioned before, you should create a few social media profiles that could serve as marketing tools, among other things. For example, Facebook ads are a good way to spread the word. Also, on YouTube, you could collaborate with other channels. This would give you a great voice, to a vast number of viewers. Plus, they could mention you and recommend your channel. Not only would you get more views but even more subscribers.

A marketing strategy could help you a lot, both with growing your channel, as well with maintaining its good status.


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