Fundraising Ideas and Tips For Large Organizations and Small Groups

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Fund-raising is the lifeblood of many groups and organizations. Community radio stations, public television stations, humanitarian-aid organizations and not-for-profit groups all depend on the generosity of the public to stay economically viable. Smaller groups, such as church and school groups, youth clubs and senior citizen community centers also rely on donations to stay afloat or to achieve specific goals.

Large Scale Fundraising

(1) Organize a fund-raising committee.
Select four to five individuals to form a fund-raising committee, including individuals with a variety of backgrounds, connections and expertise. The different talents and backgrounds of the committee members helps to engender a larger variety of ideas.

(2) Assess the financial needs and goals for your group or organization.
Determine what percentage of your group or organization's budget depends on fund-raising activities. Hold several brainstorming sessions to determine fund-raising strategies. Identify potential donors and sources of income. Research federal grants for which your group or organization may be applicable.

(3) Hire a professional fund-raising consulting firm.
Fund-raising consulting firms offer expertise and guidance for the fund-raising needs of hospitals and health care organizations, private schools, colleges and universities, cultural and art organizations, social service organizations as well as other groups. The consultants will provide feasibility studies, suggest the most efficient and effective fund-raising strategies, and manage the fund-raising activities.

Small Scale Fundraising

(1)Brainstorm the options used for traditional fund-raising activities.
Some tried-and-true methods in traditional fund-raising, include bake sales, car washes, raffles and auctions. Another traditional method is to find local sponsors for fund-raising activities such as 5k walks, all night dance competitions and so forth. Sponsors typically agree to donate a certain amount of money in the name of the person competing in the competition.
Step 2

(2)Make a list of resources, talent and services that your organization can provide to the local community.
Hosting community events, such as sporting competitions and talent shows, are used by many groups and organizations for fund-raising. Identifying local needs in your community may provide an avenue to raise funds for your group.

(3) Make a list of potential donors and contributors in your community.
Local businesses, philanthropic organizations and other groups are often willing to offer financial support for school groups, youth groups, community theater groups, as well as other groups. Contact the potential donors and contributors by mailing fliers, telephone or in-person visits.


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