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Everyone needs to start out and end with a great and patient attitude to make it big in life and in reality. This is the open sesame reality of what it will genuinely take in life and existence to really succeed at a very deep level, although it may or may not be obvious to others, it will be genuinely obvious to yourself.

How to succeed with all the character you need (And ultimately want)

Integrity is smart and hard work combined into a well oiled machine of getting down, dirty and gritty as well as staying clean at key moments. We must take responsibility at microscopic or small street levels as well as large, public wall street type levels. Everything must be genuinely understood deeply in order to genuinely succeed deeply.

For example, when I produce my Friends of the Library Newsletter for the Satow, I look at the advanced typesetting methods of newspapers, appealing ads for department stores such as J.C. Penney and the like, and think about how I can make a practical yet readable newsletter at that small level with the understanding of the "largeness" out there. It all really integrates, meaning the largeness and the smallness if you look at things with full integration and honesty. Indeed, at all levels things need to be approached, not separated and segmented. Start by thinking creatively about the small and then you can end up growing it large, sometimes very large. Look at Microsoft, Apple and earlier than that, the International Business Machine or IBM. Even if it is hard or easy at times, all we have to do no matter what to make things great is integrate. Integration and full context understanding is the key to that integrity and character that is total and complete. Do not be too lazy to fully understand, for that understanding is the key to success, misunderstanding is the trap door to failure.

Controlling reality

We must think and act in a way that generates results with integrity. Without that integrity, we are paralyzed by a very deep fear. What is that fear? It is a fear of being phony. When you are totally real, you control reality genuinely and to the best of your ability with fear of nobody.

Sure, I sound like a standard "winning is everything" speech. But, come on, winning is everything, especially when you do it genuinely. So, honesty works like this, if you want to win, start with an indomitably winning attitude that only recognizes temporary failure as a "slip" and not a permanent paralyzing "fall". Even singer Teddy Pendergrass after his car accident recognized this fact ultimately and sang some more before his death. Sure, I use this extreme example as a point, but, I just want to say that reality is our responsibility to live in whatever it brings and whatever we bring it.

Losing control of reality is always due to fear. You can argue this fact with me endlessly, but like I said, "slipping and getting back up" or "falling and being done forever" is our choice. After all, what do you think the genuine driver's seat of life really is about?

The Blame

Now, we get to Winnie the Pooh and his honey or Uncle Scrooge McDuck and his money, and every other cartoon character that ever existed. Have you noticed about cartoons, that they can unrealistically do what they want, but also the exaggerated consequences are worse than their realistic life counterparts. I can say that is because if you avoid responsibility, reality is genuinely out of your control.

So, let us look at insanity for a moment: It is avoiding the blame for problems of any sort, right down to trying to get away with being a serial killer, criminal or murderer.

I know, that is rather bleak and hard to swallow, but listen to this argument: Does not all crime start with trying to avoid the responsibility of being honest and doing something with integrity? You can scream to the rafters that sort of logic has nothing to do with it all, but can you honestly when you analyze what is being screamed. Basically all screams come down to "criminals are unfortunate misfortune and they are not responsible for what they do, especially since they are in desperation to escape responsibility." It all comes down to responsibility, responsibility to integrity, does it not? Blaming everybody and "outer misfortune" never changes the facts. What does this have to do with success and all of that. Reverse the concepts of failure like the three fingers pointing at you while one finger points at the other person in blame. If you want to get past concepts of luck, entitlement and fortune, get past blame outside yourself. After all, why do you think America really did not want Populist former politicians Ross Perot or Herman Cain. The last sentence sounded like both of these men's presidential running speeches that helped them lose presidencies and win more in their private sector businesses, so I repeat: If you want to get past concepts of luck, entitlement and fortune, get past blame outside yourself and get realistic.


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