From business to economics view on unskilled labour.

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I barely stand on my feet for one third of one day. But the lesson learn is precious.

Economics value from working in a super store.

Today was my first day working in a store. It was owned by AEON
company. I'm not sure whether it is plc or limited company. However, AEON owned
Jusco and the Jusco's store is where I worked.

What is my job and what is the economic value within it?

I have many tasks that I need to perform at a time. For example, I need to serve the customers on what their needs. This is not very tough because I do not have to work hard to persuade potential customers to buy my underling product. There are two reasons:

1. The customers have planned before hand to buy what their want.
2. Even though my underling products was sold at substantial quantity or no people is buying the product, both same does not affect my job rate per hour.

Second task was to replenish stock whenever there are insufficient. This is very test of patience and puzzle mind. This is very technical. All you have to do is take the stock from the store and put it to the display booth. There are more than 10 different kinds and it varies with different sizes. For example, I have to be responsible for school's clothes, baju kurung, veil, long and short pants, sampin, songkok, round neck t-shirt and plenty more. This is really tiring job because I have to focus my energy on walking and arrange the stocks in the store and deliver it to their booth.

Thirdly, this is very cost cutting jobs or cross-over jobs. When everything of my tasks have been completed. So, I need to help another booth to fold their clothes. This is really waste my extra energy after standing for eight hours in air-conditional super store.

What is my economics point of view in this?

I viewed not more than the store is hiring unskilled labors which is paid very minimum wages per hour. The intimidation is very high by senior management. We are expected to give high effective and productive performance like to keep the store clean, replenishing the stock and etc.

This conclude that my jobs is very low return in marginal revenue productivity of labor is very low and the substitute is very high. If I choose not to come tomorrow, there is plenty of dude out there will occupy for the job. About marginal revenue productivity of labor means that they employed me and the profit their made from what I will produce or perform.

In conclusion, I have at least one day experience to come to this level. I witnessed stocks or inventories. In the future I planned to study about discount,profit margin,comparison with other industry and many more.


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author avatar christopheranton
25th Nov 2010 (#)

At least you know what
you want to do.
Good luck.

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3rd Jan 2012 (#)

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