Few ideas to ignite creativity

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What we can make with material that we´re going to dump in the recycling containers for fun and extra cash.

Few Ideas to ignite creativity

Milk cartons. Used bottles and jars. Old newspapers. Egg carton cases. Boxes. Metal bars of torn and old umbrellas. Sardine tins and the like. Onion skins and more. All of these can be put in the corresponding recycling container or we can give them a thought and use them for our own advantage and, perhaps, to earn some cash.
Empty bottles. These can be used to make attractive desk lamps by making a small hole in the bottom to pass a wire and place a collar for a bulb and a lamp shade. Then, one can decorate it as one wishes to.
Preserve glass jars. The big ones can be used to store sugar, rice, pasta or whatever and decorate them with paint.
Sardine tins. Or any other of tinned food ones can be used to make ashtrays, little saucers to serve snacks and appetizers, if we work on them with imagination.
Carton boxes for eggs. If collecting a good number of them, they can be used to insulate walls against the cold or against noise. They can be painted and it won´t seem they once came with the eggs.
Onion skins. Collect as many onion outer skins (the brown one) When you have a good amount, boil them in abundant water. It releases a wonderful yellow colour and you can tint whatever you wish -a shirt, a pullover, a curtain...
Old newspapers. With few of them and wall paper glue, we can make what it´s known as "papier mache" paste and this paste is used to make a choice of decorative objects.
Carton boxes. Unused cartonboard boxes will make attractive tables if we give them a thought. After all, these cheap tables that they sell at IKEA are made of cartonboard and plastic. That is why they´re so light and cheap!
There are thousands of ideas to give a new life and purpose to these objects that aren´t used anymore, if we give them a thought and we work on them with patience and perseverance and we´ll be proud we made them when people exclaim "Oh, did you do it yourself? Tis gorgeous! Will you make one for me?"
Our crafts with such items can sort one or two problems when we´ve to give a pressie or when in need of any of them, but we can´t afford to buy it.
The thing is that the System is turning us into real lazy and useless ones when it comes to provide for ourselves with whatever we may need. It´s always "go to the shops and buy" and we´ve forgotten that our hands can make beautiful objects for use or decoration if we put ourselves at it and this hobby of us might as well be a source of cash.

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