Factors That Make Data Center Infrastructure Design Successful

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The data center is the epicenter of all things that happen in your business. This is where you store things, manage data, and applications for your business.

Data Center Infrastructure Design

If something is wrong with the data center then the whole company can shut down. Why is it that the data center infrastructure design is so successful? We will explore the factors that help answer this question. The reason it is successful comes down to three main points.

• Space savings

• Reliability

• Manageability

It is these three factors that help you support future growth, reduce any risk of downtime, and get the best performance. The first part of the equation that makes the data center infrastructure so successful is space savings. A data center needs space for all of the equipment to run successfully and if you don’t plan ahead then you can come to a standstill in the middle of working due to an insufficient data center designated area.

Space Savings

In addition to having enough space initially for your data center you need to plan ahead for the future. This why the infrastructure is successful over time because when it's built there's a plan for the future. The cables alone take up a significant amount of space, and as connections increase the number of cables will too.

Space saving is important because investing in commercial real estate is expensive. The idea of having this big and flourishing business is a great one. One day you will be able to afford a commercial space of any size. Initially, however, this is not the case. This is why, starting out, you need a data center design that is going to make it easy for you to save as much space as possible.


The next factor is reliability. The data center must always function properly as any type of downtime can result in lost revenue. In larger companies that will be more significant than smaller ones. The infrastructure of the data center is also built to send data continuously. There is no room for a lull because a delay could throw everything off. Downtime in the data center means the whole building and business shuts down. That's why it is so important that it runs error free.

The data center is designed to be flexible while it's reliable. If the bandwidth needs go up and the network starts to grow the data center is built to handle the transition without faltering. The protection used for the data center also plays a significant role in its success. The cabling has to be protected and needs to maintain a certain bend radius. The paths it goes through are strategically planned so it doesn't go past the point it can bend.

You have to keep in mind that when your data center is not reliable, you are going to lose money. Your employees are not going to be able to work and your customers are not going to be able to do business with you. Every minute of downtime translates into money lost.


Manageability is the third and final factor for you to consider as you are building a data center infrastructure design that works. This is because it is the key to optimizing the center to be successful. You want to make sure your design is both reliable and flexible. This is not a system that should collapse under stress or with ease when a problem arises. You want a system that knows how to take care of itself and adjust when a problem arises.

The cables must be properly stored, organized, and protected to keep them safe from getting damaged. As mentioned before downtime needs to be avoided at all costs. Using a central patching location with a cross-connect situation will keep all the cables visible and easy to get to, which is the only way for a data center to stay operational through rerouting, being upgrading, and going through modifications. A reason the data center infrastructure is successful when you look at it from a material stand point is because of the cables that are used. You want to use high density material like copper and fiber optic cabling to make sure you still have the space you need.

This is a Tax Write Off Too

Having a data center implemented into your business is beneficial because it is a tax write off. There are a number of different ways, from a tax point of view, that you are going to benefit from having a data center added to your business. These benefits include:

• Personal tax relief

• Sales tax breaks

• Job creation tax benefits

• Property taxes on IT equipment

These benefits just begin to scratch the surface. The best thing you can do in this situation is to talk to an accountant who has experience in business taxes. You are going to be able to discuss all the ways you can benefit financially from adding a data center to your business. Then, you can decide if you think it is in your best interest to consider.

The basic benefits of having a structurally sound and well thought out data center are lower costs, huge reliability, less risk of downtime, and easy management. In outsourcing some of your work to a data center, you are also going to mitigate risk. Let’s say the neighborhood your business is in experiences a power outage. If your data center is not in the same neighborhood, part of your business will still be operational. You won’t have to close up shop and lose an entire day of money because the power went out.

When designing a successful data center and implementing it into your business, there are a lot of things to think about. Fortunately, they all turn into benefits and profits for your business. Sit down and think about these three factors and whether or not they will help your business. Data centers are becoming more and more popular in the business world, and you really should know how to implement a good one.


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