Facebook or Twitter, Which is better for Marketing?

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Which is better, twitter or facebook in business? A review about twitter and facebook

Which is Better? Twitter or Facebook for Business and Marketing?

Is Facebook or Twitter better for marketing? I would have to say Twitter hands down, unless you are going for the Facebook Ads option, or unless you can somehow get your Facebook page on the first page of Google.

Sometimes a viral element can work with a Facebook page, but it takes a lot of visitors in the first place to get a page to go viral, and for that, you probably need to pay for a Facebook Ads campaign.

Facebook Ads can cost up to two dollars a click, or that's the suggested range for western countries when you start. You can lower your cost per click by getting a good click through rate, but it's very hard to get anyone to stop talking to their friends, or playing their game and click on your ad.

Facebook made some changes over the last year or two that seemed to be aimed at pushing businesses into buying ads. For example, they got rid of the ability to send a note from your business page to all fans, they got rid of the notes section completely, which also meant you couldn't automatically update your page from your RSS feed.

They lowered the value of a like, because nobody needs to like your page to see your wall or interact with your posts, and it's much harder to get your wall posts on either your profile or your page to show up in the news feeds of fans and friends.

You now have to specifically subscribe to someone's posts to ensure that their stuff doesn't get lost in the noise of the news feed. The only benefit Facebook has without paying for Facebook Ads, is that it's relatively easy to rank pages on Google if you can get the exact match username.

I'm ranking reasonably well on the first page of Google for my Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services, and although that's not a huge search, it's beating the home page of my site for the same keywords.

Is Twitter Better For Business And Marketing?
I follow a pretty simple strategy with Twitter. I get my followers from Twiends, and sometimes You Like Hits as well, which also does Facebook page likes, and other social followers including Google Plus, Digg, My Space, etc.

I get about a hundred Twitter followers a day, and then I tweet as much as I can be bothered doing, all through the day. At one point, I was getting about 250 unique views a day from Twitter, but I lost a few of my accounts, so I'm not getting quite so many hits a day now.

I find that the people on Twiends are just ordinary people who usually have websites, and are interested in making money online, and anything to do with internet marketing and blogging.

They may not be targeted followers if you have a product which requires a specific audience, but you can buy cheap Twitter followers for a cent each, and within a few months, and after spending less than a hundred dollars, you will a following large enough that you will get multiple hits on anything you tweet, almost no matter what your niche is.

It helps of course if it has a widespread appeal to some degree, and if not, then maybe social media marketing isn't the best option generally for your business.

The only way to get extremely targeted traffic is through a Google search, or Google Adwords. If you do have a business with a widespread appeal, Twitter can possibly give you a ten times better return on investment, it just requires taking the time to tweet.

Is Facebook or Twitter better for business and marketing? I would say Twitter is better for cheap traffic, and Facebook is better for expensive traffic through ads, but more of it.


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