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This article is about getting more experience in the business world, and how do you get it.

Getting experience as you need it.

You know when you are told that you need to get more experience a question comes to mind, like where am I going to get this experience and how, also I want to know, how long is it going to take? How much more do I really need?

I apparently had not learned it where I was so I decided to go elsewhere and get it. This was a smart move. I am now free to do what I want, how I want and where I want. So I took the opportunity and bought the business from Larry Blanken in Jackson Calif. It was a small Chevron dealership, it was a good decision, because I could now do the business the way I thought it should be done.

I hired a mechanic so we could do light mechanical work like brake jobs, tune ups, and other minor repairs. This was in addition to the usual services offered in a service station.

Now I want you all to know that there is no school you can go to, to get this experience. It comes to you in small doses and is hard to take at times. But it is what makes life exciting and a challenge. The wonder of what is going to happen next! My dad told me about a school that he went to, but never graduated from, and he said “I m still going to class.! I though, what kind of a school is that? Now I find that I am going to the same school, I always pass my classes but I will never graduate either. Dad, used to call it “The School of Hard Knocks”. I will never graduate, because there is always something to learn, and I learn every day.

The business was doing ok when I bought it but I hoped to make it better, by giving better service and really caring for the customers. By giving better service and taking care of the customers I hoped to build the business and make a comfortable living for my family. Being in business is a real challenge. You are the boss, the worker, the business manager the public relations man all rolled into one. But its worth it, I got a lot of what I was looking for, the experience I was lacking. It felt good to learn. It still feels good to learn and I look forward to leaning something every day, I never know what it is going to be, but my mind is open.
As always I am looking forward to the challenges of life and living, learning more about things I don’t know or have not encountered yet. There is more to life than just sitting in front of the television set or sitting around talking about others.

There is a saying I once heard, it said “Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about things, but great minds talk about ideas!”, here are two other quotes that I feel are quite good.

"No matter what happens, we always have a choice. Even when it seems that there is no option, there is always something else that can be done. What happens in our lives is the result of decisions that we make".
Denis Waitley
"There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them."
The above quotes are good food for thought and very applicable to everyday life.
I was living in Jackson California at the time and it is a small cliché town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Jackson is an old gold mining town. There was gold in the creeks just for the picking up in the 1850’s, just take your shovel and a pan and go to the creek and find yourself some gold nuggets. That’s how easy it was, but no more its all been picked up. Too bad I would like to have some.

Customer honesty appreciated.

While in Jackson I had a customer that was a doctor he brought his car in for servicing and bought gas from me, almost every day. Part of the service when the customer buys gas is to wash the windshield and other windows, so one day I noticed that the inside of his windshield looked very cloudy, I opened his door and proceeded to clean it. Much to my surprise my cleaning towel turned yellow (it was blue) , I discovered it was from the nicotine of smoking cigarettes, he was heavy smoker. When he blew out the smoke it stuck to the window glass. Just think how his lungs must look. And believe it or not this guy was a doctor.
Back in the 1850’s and clear up until the 1950’s Jackson was a wide open town. They had gambling, prostitution and any other kind of illegal activity you could think of , then some politician wanted to get elected so he cleaned up the town, kicked out the whores, closed the gambling and now Jackson is a sleepy little town in the foothills of California.
The old Spanish name for Jackson was BOTILLEAS a Spanish name for bottle, that was because there was a spring there and people used to come to get their water at the spring, they would leave their extra bottle there for the next guy who may not have a bottle, so there was lots of bottles around the spring and that is how it got the name.
While I was living there some of the local folks had a parade honoring the old days, it was really well organized. But some of the local church ladies really were up in arms about it, but it kind of woke up the town. you know a parade usually honors the past in some way , but not many will honor the business of prostitution and the girls them selves. Now I ask you is it any wonder the ladies of the church got upset. It was really a fun parade. When they had the parade it was in honor of the BOTILLEAS BORDELLO from the old days.
Human nature is a funny thing! Some people are honest to the core, others are not. I had a customer named Charlie Brown, now really that was his name, he was a nice old man on a pension AND JUST HAD ENOUGH TO GET BY. At the station we used credit cards for any one who did not want to pay cash. But Charlie was an exception, he did not have a credit card and not enough income to get one, so I carried Charlie on an open account. He was true to his word he came in every month and paid his account in full. If more people were like Charlie the world would be a better place.


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28th Apr 2012 (#)

We are Alumni as I too continue to attend the "School of Hard Knocks". It does have some interesting classes and lessons

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2nd May 2012 (#)

I love this piece, thanks for the great share

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Thanks for taking time to read.

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Lake share, nice it

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