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Trapped in the servatude of humanity and the ethics of religion and sanctity of that right for truth and justice,
What is the American Way?

Whistle blowers

Choices are made and consequences are served cold and in plain truth.
Hard facts that are like a double edged sword. Cuts both ways. Telling the truth exposes the harsh reality and holding in the truth hurts the ones of innocence .
Making the choice, you choose to justify that choice.
Be it right or wrong in the eyes of others is crucial to making your decision if you look at who you may offend or put yourself in the category of a tattle tale.
When you are justified the fear remains throughout the duration in the phase of the disclosure.
Ramifications and harassment ensues and what is the next course to follow?
Do you buckle under pressure or stand your ground?

Family First

In making that decision those around you in your life that will be affected.
A child that is exposed to harsh reality in society and the standard for safety teaches the child lessons of lifes choices, making right the wrongs and being held accountable.
The reality of cosmetic restoration of interests in the real world of honest trustworthy practices.
Speaking in rhetoric and questionable attitude.
Justifying the heartache and heartbreak for speaking truth and being wrongly accused to justify the ends of the wicked.
There is no end when the unjust seek the rewards of the life they seek.
Freedom of Speech? Does that include written words?
Where is the justification when one that speaks truth is reverted to fearless mind babble?

Money the root of ?

When it becomes a point that money is of more value than health and safety it is time to take the steps to stand your ground and fight the fight for what is right!
Justifying illegal as well as immoral ethics. Disclosing the truth and to make it a point to see that the unjust has a day and the just seek the rewards of having a day to tell the truth and seeking the peace of knowing you have done your best and exposing wrongs to society.
Justice to know that to use the practices of religion as a way to avoid and to seek free goods and services in return Not ethical!.
To expose a shibai and wrongdoings, unjustified wrongs made right.
Hold no fear when you are right.
Remain standing strong and holding your head high.
For this too shall pass and may others find the strength and courage to hold fast to the truth and seek justice when it is due.
Not for a pat on the back for a job well done but for justice to be sought .


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15th Jun 2013 (#)

Nice article and good points. Thanks for sharing.

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21st Jul 2013 (#)

Very beautiful picture.

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