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During a recession people turn towards home business and online businesses to generate extra money.

Online business

The economy is sluggish many people are out of work, some have been out of work for so long that it is affecting their mental health. Many people are finding that they just cannot find a place in the workforce anymore. They are either too old, too young, too inexperienced, have too much experience, too slow, no longer physically able do the work they always did, or can do everything they use to do but just can't land a job. Depression sets in but working does not have to stop.

With the global recession many would-be entrepreneurs including Montrealers are looking to start an online business. Whether or not you intend to have a full time business or a part time business the rules of any business still apply.


One important element that you must consider is advertising. No business will survive if no one knows it exists. Yes, it true that an online business can get more of a following instead of just a few locals in your neighborhood. However, just as there is work to be done to sell you local business that exists in a brick and mortar building, it takes some work online as well.

No matter what you sell it won't sell well if you don't know how to advertise. The question then becomes how do you advertise online? In the physical world, business owners rely on trade journals, the yellow pages, commercials, billboards, word of mouth, or whatever means they can afford. However, what happens if you are just starting out and you don't have the money to do all these things?

Of course many of us may find that they will need that extra guidance, and will opt to pay for help in starting their business.


Help curb the depression from losing your job and create an online business


Montrealers have got on quickly to the world of blogging. The secret of a successful online business is in blogging. Blogging will open up your opportunities, this way you don't have to bug your family and friends to buy your product. When you create your own blog to advertise your online business, you can essentially open up your business to the world.

You can invest in your own server to create your blog, that of course would give your blog the most visibility on the net, but if you cannot afford the investment there are plenty of free blogging sites to choose from. Look up on the search engines to see which blogging sites appeal to you. We know that Google and WebCrawler for example are good sites to start with.

Once you have your blog you need to make it attractive; plain black writing on a white background is not going to attract anyone's attention. Remember as you are in competition with every other blogger out there and every other person on the net that is selling the same product or service that you are, worldwide.

You want your blog to compel customers to buy and to come back. Repeat orders is a standing must for anyone in business, it is what keeps the business running and out of the red.

Your blog should be colorful in order to draw attention to your product. If you do not know how to design an esthetically pleasing blog, there are software programs you can purchase to help you along, or perhaps you may want to invest a little money and get a web designer.

You can go professional which will cost you a pretty penny or you can be surprised by how your family or friends might be able to help you in this area. So many people are into blogging and have created their own sites and would be willing to help out for a modest fee or no fee at all.

Update Your online storefront or blog

Please note that an online business is not for every, but it can generate some needed income until better times come about. It can also help keep you occupied and less focused on being unemployed.

Keep updating your blog with new and useful information about your product.

After you have created your blog you must post constantly to draw potential buyers back to your site. Write articles about your product and write about the current focus in the market for your product, the more of an expert you appear to be, the more credibility you will have. Don't be afraid to give out good and useful information about your product even if it comes from others in the industry, the more people are aware of the potential of your product, the more you will have created the need for them to buy. This is another fail-proof marketing strategy.

When there is no market create one

Visit forums and blogs for ideas and exposure

Hand in hand with the concept of creating the need for the product is the necessity to go visit websites, and forums where your product is being discussed. Find out what people like about your product, find out what they don't like, and find out the questions they are asking? This way you can do the research and come up with a solutions focused product or appeal that will broaden your knowledge as an expert and your sale power as well.

Ghostwriters and SEO key words

If you cannot write you need someone else to write for you

However, you must realize that a great looking product (add pictures wherever you can) and a great looking blog will not sell your product if you do not know how to write. This becomes an issue especially if you need to have your website or blog in English and in French. You may write well enough in your own language, but do not write very well in the second language.

If you cannot write, you will not sell your product properly. If you can't write and your articles are full of mistakes, you will kill your reputation as an expert. If you feel you cannot write well enough to sell your product then hire someone who can. There is big market of freelance writers and ghostwriters who will be willing to contract with you.

Hire a ghostwriter or freelance writer

What ghostwriters and freelancers will do is write information packed articles that rely on the SEO format. SEO - search market optimization articles are designed to bring traffic to your site. How it works is that specific words and key phrases are inserted into your articles to draw attention to your product.

For example, if you are selling perfume you will use keywords and phrases such as, perfume, perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries, cheep perfumes, classic fragrances, colognes, best perfumes; anything you think a consumers would look up if they wanted to buy perfume.

However, SEO articles are only part of the marketing strategy.

Your business may start off slowly until word gets out that you are running your own business. Again we apply the rule of adverting, don't just sit back thinking that now you have your blog all is in place and you have nothing else to do.

Use RSS Feeds and product newsletter

Use RSS Feeds – RSS means “Really Simple Syndication.” You can add the ability for your customers to subscribe to your new articles as they come out. These RSS Feeds deliver instant information to subscribers. RSS-aware programs called news aggregators and are very popular with bloggers. For a little more info on RSS feeds click here:

You can also offer a monthly newsletter
, where you can update product information and at the same time secure your customer or potential customer's email addresses. Of course you should never abuse the email trust by bombarding the customers with useless pitches to buy your products over and over again. Send out timely newsletters, with new and vital information, product discounts, and so on. Make sure the customer has an opt-out option so that there are no complaints and your website or blog is not labeled as spam.

Do some of your own advertising

You need to do some advertising on your own. You can advertise on places like Kijiji (Canada), and Craig's List and Ebay (international). You can also rely on your friends, at home and online.

The connections you have made on the social networks can be valuable resource. For example, there is, which is a business network where people come together selling their various products and making new friends. You can also take advantage of the many social networks such as Facebook, twitter, myspace, and more.

Use these people not in an aggressive manner, but nevertheless a professional manner. Use these networks for more than sending little smiley faces and forwards. Let your connections know that you are in business and just starting out. You will be surprised how many of your connects will visit your site and refer your product to their friends to help you out.

Remember though, the basic rule is to create the need, don't approach your connects with the "please by my product," that may annoy a lot of people, instead show them how they can benefit from you product and services. Your business is only going to be as successful as you make it.



Instead of just putting sterile articles and motionless pictures on your website, focus on interaction with the public. Set forums where people can talk to each other. Create a webinar or get a IT specialist to set one up for you. You don't have to do this when you first start out and money is scarce, but remember to invest some of your profits back into the business so that it will grow.

A webinar is like brick and mortar seminar, only it is on the web. A webinar provides conferencing, meetings, presentations, training, anything a real world company would provide to their customers and staff. For the beginner this concept may sound daunting but it will boost business and seal your credibility in the online selling world. A first move towards a complete webinar might be simply providing a contact number and as your business grows you can afford to pay staff and have an 888 or 900 number.


Creating a business keeps us focused and perhaps can help keep depression away by providing a goal, a purpose a hope for the future. Of course online businesses are not for everyone, but for many it is worth a try.

Of course many people may find that they will need that extra guidance, and will opt to pay for help in starting their business. If you feel you need that extra help and are not confident enough to try it on your own you might find help through some of the government services or local employment services in your area.

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