End of Year Rush - is it Really Required?

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At this time of year many businesses are rushing to get the accounting closed and prepare for year end audits. Frequently this has demanded much data from the Information Technology team, yet is all this panic-like activity really necessary?

The Panic Imperative?

The need for closure: Is it one of the major reasons why technology teams have been traditionally inundated with requests during the month of December or is this just an extra case of how little business understands IT and its procedures?

A panic at any point in time of time customarily arrives as a product of inadequate planning at a higher-ranking management echelon and ensuring that the whole business is in tune with change procedures. It is important that enterprise executives appreciate the practical deliverables and furthermore the timing considered necessary for implementing any changes. Of course there is a instinctive desire to 'clear the books' at the year end; yet in truth the preparation should normally be identified much earlier, often before the last quarter.

This is comparable to the approach where a business administrator talks to a member of ICT staff during any particular Friday afternoon in the midpoint of April demanding they to establish a information supply for a consumer before Monday at 9am. It seems that this particular business manager had promised this to the customer eight weeks ago, but had simply not thought to tell the Technology Department till a small number of days before it was due. This demonstrates a lack of stakeholder involvement between corporate areas as well as a lack of professionalism.

Superb Technological Skills

The bulk of IT departments are filled by highly proficient technologists, who are able to excel themselves to perform miracles. Yet they cannot be expected to perform miracles 365 days a year.

If the only method improvement is deployed is as a result of a succession of panic responses, then there is evidently a on-going lack of understanding that delivering first class components needs appropriate planning. Merely because technology staff have already delivered the unachievable does not permit this to happen on a on-going basis. Organizational demands are normally growing more complex since businesses are becoming more technologically savvy.

A New Approach to the Year End

What is necessary is to modify the business way of life - from one of "ad-hoc, or last-minute wishes" to an environment of forward thinking and proper planning for any change. This remains fundamental is developing a winning attitude that works for the whole corporation. This activity requires a recognition across the business which demands that preparation becomes an imperative in all corporate actions.

Of-course there will still be the occasional rush call, however this shouldn't be the normal mode of business. To a great part this begins as a result of creating an committed improvement panel that involves high ranking executives and focuses deliverables around the aims of the corporation and its marketplace.

It may possibly be too late to alter for this year, however these few words are proposed to prompt some forward thinking and planning for the future. When it comes to final needs it remains critical to setup a deadline; for example 5th November; holding an "improvement governance committee" meeting a couple of days soon after appears very prudent; therefore it is possible to propose all of the changes which should be necessary in anticipation of your year end process.

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