Employees Performance Reviews.

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This article is to show how employers can motivate their employees and make them work harder.

Employees Performance Reviews.

Creating performance appraisals in an organization has evidently proved to be a significant way to motivate employees. In this article review, it is clearly illustrated, on how employees end up getting promotions in their jobs, but still receive the same salary they used to earn even without the promotion. However, this is all caused by avoidable situations, such as, poor performance reviews or having an audit that is yet to mature. Therefore, it ends up affecting the performance of an employee. This article explains the importance of employers learning to appreciate their employees work and evaluate their performances once in a while.
One of the most important information in this article is on how employees are assumed by their managers. The article shows how employees work hard to impress their managers hoping that the manager will get a chance to thank them or review their work performance and also tell them where they have to improve on their work. However most managers do not even notice the hardship the employee has gone through to get the job done, and this ends up affecting the employees attitude toward their work and can also end up affecting a company’s production. According to Adler, the only way employees can get performance reviews is “for Human Resource to issue managers with formal documents and make them do performance appraisals.”
When comparing this article to our textbook, they both show how necessary it is for HR to work together with managers on pointing out what both parties want for the organization and how they can implement them (pp,54).
However, this article, is used as a way broaden people's views on the things that can be affecting an organization. According to my opinion, this article portrays how management can affect productivity of an organizations grow, through the creation of an open working environment, where, employees can be able to contact their managers for any problem or even when trying to explain their ideas on a particular trend. However, some of the point in this article may basically be hard to implement on some companies, but I totally agree with them since, if they are all done in the right way they can all positively change an organization. From this article, one can be able to avoid many mistakes which may come to them in the future, however the article shows how as an employee one should first be able to have self- appraisal before even getting assessment from the managers. As an employee, you should also feel free to suggest any changes and development you may want to perform in the organization including performance reviews.


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Performance appraisal is crucial for motivating an employee - siva

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