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Do any of these on line business's work. I have been doing this for 8 months now, and it seems I am spending all my investment, the only place I have made a little money is called micro workers. I make about 20 dollars a week. I started this other one and I paid for what they said, but I have not yet made money. It is suppose to be the best one out there.

Email Processing 4 Cash

So I wanted to make money at home, it seems this is what people are doing. I did about 5 of them and right now I get about 20 dollars a week, from Microworkers. I just joined this email processing 4 cash, and it was guaranteed to make money right away. It even says I can talk to a person a live person if i have problems, well one time I talked to one person and they did what they said they would do. So I thought ok now show me the money,WRONG. LOL.
I have been over and over on the site that teaches me what I may be doing wrong. Now they gave me another place where I am suppose to send Emails to my friends and family. This what the add says,

Hello,This is Melinda Bocook

This is an automated notification to inform you that
your new online package has just been delivered.

Please proceed here now to collect

Thank you and enjoy,
Info Services

Really so then I started doing all these emails and one was suppose to go on criags list. And it was rejected.
I called these people back and no one answers now. In the training they said to get a hold of them any time. No one is answering. I have yet to b making money.
So my thought is none of these internet making money work.
I spent more then what it is worth

My point is if any internet business is going to work, people have to be looking like i was. I feel if people were looking and wanting to work at home, it would work for all us.
That is the only reason these other company's got my money. I put my link out there and I get alot of hits but no buyers.

So if you are looking for and internet job make sure you have a lot of money to spend. I have good links to put your business out there, and if a person is looking to do the same-thing it could work, and that is hard to find. Not even facebook works, your links have to be where people can see them.
Here are the links I use. and again people will click but you have to get them to buy. I get 500 clicks a day off this site, and no one buys. Then another one is You can put your link here and people will see your web and internet business, but again they have to be looking for something to buy, so you will make that sale. I see my web page all over the place on the net, but no buyers.

Because some people think it is a scam. I still don't know what to think of what I bought into, because no one has bought into like I did. I guess I will not give up yet, just to see if there will be any takers. If I got takers, I would help them, make money, and make it a win/win for us both. So good luck to you, if you looking.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Aug 2015 (#)

Tough to know who is genuine or those out to take us for a ride - siva

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author avatar Linda Bocook
19th Aug 2015 (#)

I know right. Thank you for your feed back.

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