Eliminate Perils of your Comfort Zone

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Breaking out of the comfort zone has many advantages and there are a number of ways for doing that. Here are a few that immediately come to my mind. You may discover more ways and gains for yourself in your circumstances.

A Direct Experience

When I joined my first job as an Engineer at a Public Sector Undertaking Durgapur Steel Plant, leftist trade unions had spoiled the atmosphere to the extent that a huge number of workers used to gossip, take rest or sleep while on duty. Force could not be used to improve discipline at work. I thought of tackling a worker psychologically and advised him to work sincerely and get a good name. He quickly questioned me, “Then what?”
“You will get promoted to a higher rank.” I replied.
He repeated his words, “Then what?”
“You will lead a comfortable life.” was my natural reply.
Then he came to his real form and explained, “The comforts you are talking about, I am having right now. I have no interest in losing today’s sure comforts for tomorrow’s uncertain comforts.”
This reply made me speechless, my psychological treatment had failed. Later, I became a strict disciplinarian, used to deduct wages for even short absence from duty, and thus was defamed in workers for imposing discipline and in my senior officers as a trouble creator on the shop floor.

The Comfort Zone

The comfort zone, I am talking out here, is like that of the worker with the difference that he was enjoying his comfort zone on his official duty in a business organization, while we all enjoy that to differing degrees at our homes and other places of entertainment. For example, we take rest without getting tired of working like we eat tasty food even without being hungry. Instead of going for morning walk early in the morning to rejuvenate our bodies for the arriving day-work, we keep on lying in bed until it is time for getting ready for the office. We avoid playing with children for their acts looking like nonsense to us. My suggestion here is to use free moments for cultivating creativity in ourselves or for being creative. It often happens that our body needs some rest but we use this as an excuse for providing rest to our brain also.
Breaking out of the comfort zone has many advantages and there are a number of ways for doing that. Here are a few that immediately come to my mind. You may discover more ways and gains for yourself in your circumstances.

Killing Boredom of Idleness

The first product of an idle time is boredom when the person finds nothing of interest. This is also an indication that the person is not using his/her free moments creatively. The most creative, educating and inspiring activity having immense opportunities is playing with children not to discipline them like a dictator but to learn things in their way from their point of view and inspiring them by your own conduct to be good citizens of future. Talking to adolescents provides good education in psychology as this class of persons are in a hurry to grow and become youths to enjoy life as elders do. Spending time with them proves beneficial to them also in understanding life in its reality.
I feel there are many veterans in every society needing attention and their greatest need is to listen to them with interest. They often relate stories of their youthful days thus educate us on times of past generations and process of social evolution.
Everyone is not expected to be an accomplished author but this should not be a deterrent to write down own experiences in your own words and see by oneself how thoughts get evolved once the pen begins scribing on paper or fingers begin keying words on computer. It may not be of any commercial value but a good way of cultivating your memory and intellect. Your lengthy free time gets spent like a few seconds and boredom never touches you.

Fight against Ageing

Health of a person is governed generally by health of his/her brain and its activities. You keep your brain idle for a few days, then it will keep on asking you for idleness to shutdown your thinking faculties and thus being in a comfort zone. This is the secret of Indian spiritualists how they idle brains of intellectuals through involving them into meditation and other spiritual practices thus imposing on them their illogical fanatic preaching and in return reaping material gains for themselves. All spiritual and religious preachers in India become billionaires overnight while their disciples remain poor.
Having read the newspaper, watched enough of television programs, etc. you have some free time and find nothing to do, Take the newspaper again and see how temperatures of various places in the country are varying to educate your-self on climate. Or, look at the cross-word puzzle in it and try to solve it. Such activities of information gathering and thinking over them create new neuronal links in your brain, rejuvenating it plasticity and adding years to your life without your suffering from age-related degeneration like dementia etc. Not only that you stay young and mentally fresh, you inspire others also to be like that.

Improving Health

If you are not tired but have done enough of mental work, go for a brisk walk. It is the most natural exercise of the whole body and there is nothing comparable to this for keeping you in good shape and form. As you walk down, you may find persons on way, just smiling at them rejuvenates your facial muscles apart from making you a good socialite. As you walk down, your breaths get deeper cleansing your lungs and sending more oxygen to your blood, the genesis of good health for you.

Laughs Out the Life

Laughing is a great art for entertaining all without hurting anyone. Keep on reading and remembering some skits from newspapers and magazines for narrating before social gatherings to make the laugh and earn a good reputation for your-self. Take some stories from children and narrate them to veterans to entertain them and take some stories from veterans for narrating to children for educating them. Thus, you do a great social service of bridging generation gap. Through laughing, your many sorrows get disappeared.


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