Electrothermal Bipolar Vessel Sealing – All You Need to Know!

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Electro thermal Bipolar Vessel Sealing, commonly known as EBVS, is basically an electro surgery technology that is used for sealing blood vessels of up to 7 mm in diameter. This surgery is widely accepted and is used for open and laproscopic surgical process.


The device used for this electro thermal bipolar surgery is vessel sealer. With the help of this device, this surgery can be accomplished easily and successfully. Apart from just sealing blood vessels, these instruments are also used to cut variety of tissues.

History of EBVS:
This electro thermal bipolar vessel sealing was first introduced in the year 1998 and is continued to be growing till date. This modification is a further advancement of bipolar electro surgical technology which was developed in the year 1940. Earlier, this process cannot seal the blood vessel more than 3 mm but due to regular advancements, its limit has now reached for up to 7 mm, which is a great achievement. Several algorithms are used for achieving this final result. After this, several companies have made modifications to the original algorithm and thus developed their own Vessel sealer devices to serve the purpose.

How EBVS actually works?

First of all, blood vessels which are to be sealed are grasped by a surgeon with an instrument that is generally designed as a clamp. He then makes the use of electric current generator and initiates the sealing cycle. The electric current generator is used to produce electric current in the blood vessels. Now this current generates electromagnetic field around the blood vessels which then energizes the electron within the blood vessel. These electrons will then release their energy as heat. Now with the generation of heat, collagen and elastin in the blood vessel denature. Now this denaturing of collagen and elastin forms a seal. The amount of current is precisely control by an instrument so as to protect blood vessels from burning. If current goes high then the generator automatically breaks the current and reduces the risk level to zero. Some of these electro thermal bipolar vessel sealing instruments are designed in such a way that it cut the seal either with the help of blade or with harmonic scalpel process.

What qualities to look while choosing vessel sealer?

Selecting best vessel sealer for serving surgical process is not that much difficult but for this, you have to consider some important features and points in mind. One should buy the device which caters to the needs across all surgical specialties. Below are mentioned some of the qualities or features to look for while choosing the best vessel sealer.

A vessel sealer should be designed for serving both monopolar and bipolar functions. One must choose this instrument with both options so that the single device can be used for both surgeries.

While purchasing vessel sealer, it is advised to choose the model which is fully loaded with additional argon plasma, ligation function and bipolar resection in saline function.


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