Eating on the street in the Philippines

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\We explain the food service and how it serves the people. They have to eat out they have no way to cook at home.

Eating on the street as 80% of Filipinos do

When i first came to the Philippines i was surprised to see so many little businesses along the streets with cooking pots sitting outside on a shelf. This seems to be the style of the “little eatery”.

On further investigation i found that each pot had a different kind of food cooked in it. In addition, each eatery had different varieties of food in the pots.

One “little eatery” would have special of pancit canton, the next one would feature mongo bean soup. They all seemed to have some kind of green vegetable, green beans etc.

Another item they all seemed to have was what i call “water soup”, and how u make this is to put some pork back bone, or some chopped up fish in a big pot, add some green leafy vegetables , lutya, and gabi some spice and ginger , and msg, fill the pot with water then boil for one hour.

Then of course there is the staple of the country --rice. some eateries have it and some don’t. i think they think you can cook your own rice, but still many people prefer to buy the rice already cook when they are getting the rest of the meal.

Serving the food is yet another story. Very few of the eatery’s have come in and sit down to eat type of service. Where you sit down with your food on a plate or a bowl and eat, using spoon and fork, they don’t give you a table knife because every one cuts with the spoon. Saves washing dishes. And then some places don’t give you a fork an spoon, instead they give you a plastic bag to put over your hand, to do one of two things, either keep the food clean, or your hands clean. Frankly im not sure which one it is while you are eating it.

The other method of serving the food is to put it into little plastic bags, one serving to a bag. If u buy three items then you get three bags filled with hot food. So then you take it home and add it to what you already have, or use it for the dish, you did not want to cook.

Another item you can get on the street is roasted chicken!

There is any number of fresh roasted chicken places to choose from. Most of them are very tasty, so you have to choose the one that seasons their chicken to suit your taste buds. Some of the newer roasters use an enclosed glass case, with propane gas to do the cooking. The roasters that have been in business a long time still use natural charcoal, and the have the amount of charcoal they use down to a science, so they don’t waste a lot of heat and over cook the bird.

The other place to “eat on the street” is at the many bakeries that line the streets of our city. With in a three kilometer area near where i live there are at least eight bakeries. they bake almost any thing imaginable that can be baked.

At some you can get fully decorated cakes for any occasion or you can get plain ones so you can decorate it yourself. Then there are cookies (called biscuits) donuts, éclairs, cinnamon rolls, sliced bread, french bread, wheat bread, and all kinds of rolls and breads that you can imagine.

If you are going around and you see all the bakeries, lining the street and on every corner, you wonder why, i did. Then i found out the in the homes, very few have ovens, some don't even have a cook top. They are using a fire pit with charcoal,or some other device used to hold the fire. This is why all the bakeries do such a good business.

Will explore the eateries and bakeries more at a later time.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
12th Apr 2012 (#)

If the price is reasonable and the quality is good who needs to eat home?
Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Joe
12th Apr 2012 (#)

The priced is usually reasonable,but sometimes thy get carried away with the seasoning.

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author avatar michiedoll
18th Apr 2012 (#)

for Filipinos, street food is a part of our life.most filipinos love street food.its affordable and delicious.try it

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