Earth One over Cloud Nine, or reality is better than fantasy when it comes to dealing with things

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When things get complicated, seek simple solutions that are realistic instead of complicated ones that are fantastic like glorified Rube Goldberg cartoons made into "real life". Earth one is here and now, Cloud Nine is the fantastic land that escapes here and now. Which will you choose? The fantasy or the reality. Even the Fantasy Island of escape has its element of realism and having to work through problems, as we can tell by the fact that it is Fantasy Island and not Reality world.

Cloud nine or Earth One, a choice,

A scenario: You just failed, and you do not want to deal with it.

So, what do you do? Do you quit or learn a lesson from it and succeed later? Sure, I am not your judge or jury, I am just a man with an idea. But it is better to walk on Earth and deal with what you need to deal with instead of put your head in a cloud and not deal with anything.

Listen, I would (in a way) love to give you silly advice like a help column in a newspaper or a magazine but "making you" take advice outside yourself would be judging and wrong. But, I can in fact, tell you to look within for success if you do not come close to it in Dorthea Brande's book "Wake Up and Live" with an honest conscience that is on message. So, I end with this: What is success, but the full understanding of failure so that it does not happen again after the failure is fully understood. The genuine success of "Cloud Nine" starts from the bottom here on "Earth One". To win, we must train and work, To lose, we quit,


Reality is something we have to deal with like taking a bath when needed and actually wanted. Let me explain: Reality is as good or bad as we make it. Consciousness is our right sure, but, more importantly, it is our choice to be alert or not alert.

The biggest tragedy in existence is not caring and not noticing. In short, not having genuine conscience about reality. I am not using the dictionary definition of conscience in this case, I am being common sense direct with the reality of the need for conscience in life and existence. For there is more to life and existence than being a predator or a consumer, no, you have to give as well as take in a balanced way in order to benefit all including yourself. Sure, a good self-image is an important part of living in reality successfully. But, a business like mind that does not play irrational games is also an important part of the equation also. More than that, to really get anywhere in life and existence you must genuinely get beyond the predatory game and work on production, creation and living originally and seriously fro here and now if you live it right is where the wealth is. Stealing and living in the past and fearing is where the poverty is. Choose reality, choose now if you really want to get somewhere great.


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