Dreams and Choices

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You live to ENJOY, ENDURE or SUFFER the consequences of your choices.

Dreams and Choices

Dreams are imaginary thoughts that run through our subconsciousness or our consciousness. They must be real to be achievable and must not be tied to someone else's success. Many people have refused to live their dreams either majorly because of circumstances of life or financial problems.
When you fail or refuse to live your dream, you will think, think and think especially in your old age. This will give rise to high blood pressure and consequently other chronic diseases gently sip in. The moment you chose to live your dreams, the ship of your life will start driving towards the right direction. But do you know the wheather you chose to chose or not chose to chose, either way you are right because a speaker once said that "At the moment of your decision, your life is shappened" and for every choice you make, you wil live to enjoy, endure or suffer the consequences of those choices of yours.
Now to achieve results that other do not have, you have to do what other wont do. You have to do something crazy that others can not do. Crazy people, do crazy things and get crazy results. Crazy people are MAD people.
M: Motivated
A: Articulated
D: Directed
Just as most mad people are always excieted in their madness, you have to be excieted. When you are always excited, you will do things with passion, and when you do things with passion, the world has no choice but to recognize you. When the world recorgnises you, you will become a celebrity, as a celebrity, you are a star and as a star, you are famous, and with fame comes power and with power comes wealth... When I say wealth, I mean financial freedom. I tell you when yee are financially free, you spend flently. This differentiates you from the poor who talk fluently without anything to show for it.
So alive your dreams.


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