Dog Bites and the Law

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Dog owners need to be more responsible when it comes to keeping their dogs from attacking other people. If they're not careful, they could stand to face legal action, or worse still, lose their dog.

The Fury of our Furry Friends

Our furry friends are often kept as nothing more than companions. Some dog owners, however, see their pets as a means of protection, or at least as a means to deter unwanted visitors. However, dog owners all too often forget that it is up to them, and not the dog, what the dog’s demeanor is like.

If you wish to keep a relaxed companion around the house, then chances are you are kind and gentle with your animal, and so it is likely going to behave the same towards people in your home, except for it potentially barking at unknowns entering its territory. There is no problem here, but there often is a problem when owners train their animals to attack unwanted visitors. This may not be done intentionally, and may only be a result of rough-type play time with the animal, but it is on the owner to know that he is going to be held responsible for any harmful actions the dog takes.

To be fair, there are some dog breeds that are instinctively more prone to be violent than others. According to a recent study, pit bulls, Rottweilers and Presa Canarios account for the majority of “dog homicides”. The question about owner liability still stands though, as these dogs have a reputation for being violent, and so owners who breed or purchase these animals should know to be especially careful about how they house, chain or otherwise restrict them from harming others.

Whether it’s doing its business on a neighbour’s lawn, or biting a passer-by without cause, the owner (by and large) takes the blame for the dog’s action, and this is how a dog bite attorney might be able to press charges against you, should your pooch go postal.

Each Case Unique

The incident itself and whether or not legal action is successful has as much to do with the quality of the legal team involved and their litigation experience as it has to do with the actual circumstances under which the bite itself happened.

More often than not, the only way you can successfully sue for a dog bite is if you can prove ‘owner negligence’. Sure, this is grounds enough to get you some monetary compensation to help deal with any medical procedures you may have to go through because of the bite, but an experienced dog bite lawyer can do much more for you and your case.

Tort damages, or damages incurring costs over and above that of medical and legal expenses, are often sued for in cases where more serious injuries are suffered, and, in very unfortunate cases, where a death has occurred. These often result in far higher financial compensation, and this can only be achieved through an experienced dog bite attorney.


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4th Sep 2012 (#)

Very good information about dog bites and the law. Dog owners need to be responsible. Dogs should be vaccinated for rabies too.

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