Do you need to Become more Open with your Networking?

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You will never know who may be able to assist you in achieving your goals so building open relationships with people may get you closer to the next person who con provide that assistance. Being an Open Networker means that you are prepared expand that network faster and are not afraid to make connections.

The Need for Social Networks

One of the challenges about becoming involved with Social Networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or others is just who to connect with. Options include:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • College/university alumni
  • Work colleagues
  • People in your profession
  • Interesting people on-line, or perhaps
  • Anyone who is interested in connecting

I first started using social networks when I needed to find another job back in 2008. having started to talk to people I was regularly being told, "talk to people in your network", "but I don't have a network" came my almost instant response. Truth is we all know people who can provide some help, provided we simply ask. Of course there are some people who have quite extensive networks of friends and family, but who you connect with will depend on what you want out of your social networking connections.

Yes, it is true that you have to think about what you want out of each these on-line relationships! Each of these categories can be important to various parts of your life and you have to decide how you will be leveraging each part of your network.

Friendship Most Important?

To some people the friendship aspect is most important to others it is business relationships that are important. We each probably need a little of both if truth be told, but it is important not to mix how you use each network as that may give inconsistent results to you. To guide you here are brief thoughts on each of the major networks:

  • Facebook - Most often used for personal relationships, yet it is possible to make business connections as well. Best to have separate accounts for personal and business.
  • LinkedIn - Primarily used for business relationships and building business connections.
  • Google Plus - Used for both social and business connections. Probably slightly more business focused, but time will tell.
  • Twitter - A general messaging service. Good for making announcements; news; business; personal or friend messaging.
  • Pinterest - Photo sharing, used for business branding and sharing personal information equally.
  • YouTube - for posting videos, is often used in conjunction with other networking sites.
  • Tumblr - For blogging and social sharing.
  • Foursquare - Location related, see reviews of your area and meet people.
  • MeetUp - Used to advertise group meetings and venues.

This is a simple list of some popular networks that exist today, there is plenty of space for more social media sites, indeed you may already be a member of others - for your social club, interest area, etc.

Becoming more open with your Networking

This article suggests everyone should become more open with your Networking habits with good reason. Who do you network with? Is it just the people that you know, or have known in the past? No, you use social networks to build your connections in order to help you achieve specific goals e.g. finding that next job or building your business. All are important reasons for being on a social site, yet there are plenty of others.

The truth is that is we live within the circle of people that we already know, so if we limit who we connect with then we will have difficulty in connecting with the one person who can help you achieve your next success. When you attend a meeting and are introduced to someone new then chances are you will exchange business cards. This could start off a great friendship, lead to nothing, or help you make one connection that triggers a chain of events that leads to a change of world outlook. You simply do not know what will happen at the point when you meet.

Being an open networker simply means you are prepared to connect to a wider circle of people and are not waiting for a formal invitation. One thing to note is that most open networkers are typically looking for business connections rather than social ones. They may have seen something of interest in one of your recent posts to make them want to follow you. Generally its safe to connect to people that you don't know, but you should make sure that you do not put personal information like your address or phone number into any social profile then you will not find any undesirables knocking on your door, and social networks offer another level of abstraction over and above your email.

Even being an open networker there are rules that you should follow. Invitations from users that are not in-line with your reason for being a member of the site, such as "Sexy SueZee", should be ignored. Many open networkers will not connect with any person that does not have even the shortest biography information and prefers that contacts have a photograph included. Ironically sites such as Wikinut also provide networking opportunities; it provides the opportunity to follow other writers, comment on their work, and send them private messages.

How can Sunni Help you?

Is there any reason why Sunni Halani can't help you with something you need to complete your next project? If you need professional printing then the answer is likely to be "Yes", but is that the limit of how he could assist you?

Probably not
. If you are facing a problem in a project you are working on then could you give him a call and ask him if he knows of someone in the local area who could assist resolving that specific issue? Of course you could. Furthermore you could also ask if I know someone who could assist. Then you are leveraging two circles of people who may be able to assist - you never know who is the right person to solve it but you do have the recommendations of people that you know. That is the power of networking.

All about Communication

Communication is of-course one to the primary reasons to be involved in any sort of network. We look to assist others, often by providing helpful content (not necessarily our own) and in return they will assist us in achieving our goals. Part of the art of networking is telling others how they can best assist us without advertising - this is an art-form that would take several articles in their own right so will not be expanded upon here. The open networker will make a large number of connections, yet how they manage each individual connection is important and that is what will achieve lasting success.

You will never know who may be able to assist you in achieving your goals so building relationships may get you closer to the next person who may be the connection you always needed to make. That is why it is important to build your network, irrespective of whether or not you are an open networker.

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author avatar viewgreen
6th Feb 2015 (#)

I think it's almost similar to the concepts which contained in the MLM system... But this explaining very accurately. Thanks for sharing the advices in relationships/networking on this awesome article sir.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peter B. Giblett
7th Feb 2015 (#)

It is true that many MLM scams do make use of networking techniques, yet real networking is about behaving ethically, something the majority of MLM schemes do not.

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author avatar Retired
6th Feb 2015 (#)

Two that I use are - a bit like Facebook but it actually pays you to use it - and Streetlife, which may only be available in the UK but it allows you to make very local contacts and keep in touch with what is happening in your own community.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peter B. Giblett
7th Feb 2015 (#)

I have used Tsu, but have have to say that I am not sure it is worth the effort.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
7th Feb 2015 (#)

Peter, great article and thank you for sharing such valuable information. Of the 9 networks you listed I'm on 6 of them plus TSU just like John. I have writing friends that I have followed and they have followed me for years. I treasure those friendships. It's actually been a gift to be connected to so many people.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peter B. Giblett
7th Feb 2015 (#)

I am not on all these networks, but I have used most for former clients on business engagements.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Retired
7th Feb 2015 (#)

Peter, I agree that the rewards are not huge - but the same could also be said about Wikinut!

I use Tsu to publicise my articles on Wikinut, by the way. However, I find Twitter to be most effective for this purpose - I get 10 times as many Wikinut page views when I have used Twitter to publicise them as opposed to the days on which I have not done so. However, having more than 14,500 Twitter followers helps enormously!

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peter B. Giblett
9th Feb 2015 (#)

Twitter has always been the best for publicity.

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author avatar Retired
8th Feb 2015 (#)

Very helpful information! Excellent written!

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