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Selling anything is a hard job. So is any sort of persuasive action. Winning is that way too when you do it right in a "grass roots", honest way that is right for all, meaning, "what I want for myself, I want for everyone" type of winning instead of throwing down the ladder as if you are superior and original type of winning. Well, in this series, I will explain everything about "correct winning":

To win, you must try and do, not try badly and fail, but do well and succeed.

Selling and honest effort are both hard jobs, let us face it. Even the smallest honest efforts are hard in a way. Last evening (Sunday), I vacuumed the floor correctly in my living room and bedroom in that I honestly did not skip any spots and I even "spot cleaned" the floor in areas. The genuine approach to selling is that thorough, complete, honest and comprehensive consistently when done that way. This is what I mean by do well and succeed and not try badly and fail. But, please note, I did not say do well and succeed the first time, what I meant was do well and succeed ultimately and in a comprehensive way without failing permanently. There is not a sin in failing temporarily, as long as you ultimately succeed. Correct winning is everything, in that you win with honest understanding and really comprehensive, great work that is done smartly and with genuine care.

When I say "try badly and fail", I mean those efforts that are bad efforts that "feel" like good efforts, but you do not have the full confidence of the full feeling of good effort. Some of you know what I am talking about. "Cutting corners" never does work, it is laziness that always fails unless you get lucky. Some of you know what that means. There is not any substitution for genuine effort that is honestly understood and complete. I do not mean so much "by the book" effort and work, but I do mean comprehensive thinking, care and discipline in the work that makes the work go well at all levels.

Put love into what you do, and you will always succeed. Hate it, and you will always permanently fail every time.

If you really want it honestly, you will succeed at it, it does not matter how many times you temporarily fail at whatever you are doing. That is providing you want it badly enough. I know what I am talking about. When I was a young man, I was a newspaper carrier. I learned everything I could about sales, and one common denominator made me successful and with more paper subscriptions at the end of the night than six or seven of the other boys combined. That factor is so simple, yet hard to apply that it is almost embarrassing: It is persistence, understanding of human nature, and tolerance for temporary rejection or rebuff.

Why did I put persistence first?

Come on, if you want to genuinely do well in anything, that is the first thing you must have, and it must run deep. Very deep. Real loss comes from slipshod efforts that are not serious. Real winning comes from seriousness and persistence. So when I say, do not try, that is what I mean.

Why is understanding of human nature, second?

If you want to know the genuine in and out of selling, learn everything you can that is real about human nature first, then bad poker playing second, then you play the good poker in life's situations yourself third.

I mean think about it, it ids becoming obvious why I put tolerance and rejection last, isn't it? Tolerance and rejection are the underpinning concepts that make for the best salesmen. What do you think was Joe Karbo's, Brian Tracy's and Frank Bettger's big secrets anyway? They could handle initial rejection and then come back for more. That is my big secret I had as a newspaper boy, and when I sold greeting cards door to door, and anything I have ever done successfully. I have really wanted to succeed with all of heart, soul and all. What other secret is there other than that kind of persistence? I leave you with that question mark that you can answer through your own efforts for now. But if you want to start winning, consider the losses practice for it.


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10th May 2016 (#)

True. There can be no dispute with what you wrote.

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