Digital media campaigns should...

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Digital media campaigns should...
...some tips.
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Digital media campaigns should

It is no secret that we live in a world every day more connected. Just look at the people walking through the cities looking at her cell phone and using a mobile device to review urgent issues without going to the home or office. The mobile world has resulted in a change in the behavior of consumers, who spend much of their day online and watching a screen, the cell phone, tablet, computer or TV.

One consequence of this mobile world is related to digital marketing, which now faces new challenges. Companies need new ways to advertise their products and services on the web and generate sales both through e-commerce and through the generation of traffic to their physical stores, that is to maintain a balance between the shelving and the "on-line to store ". Digital marketing allows businesses to reach a wider audience, both locally and globally. And if now we add the "mobility" factor, new opportunities can not be left out.

To jump into the digital world requires planning and strategy. These are some of the actions that are required to have an internet presence that contributes to the identity and brand objectives. Digital media campaigns should:

1- Do not play with expectations
Propose campaigns and then disappear is one of the worst mistakes that are made. Avoid the advertising noise. No reply directly to expedite consumer needs is serious. Not listening is not an option. At this time consumers communicate interactively through social networks their brand experiences, pleasures, doubts and complaints. No company can ignore that reality or excluded from it. You must have a strategy developed for search engine availability through SEM (Search Engine Marketing), because with it ensures that when users search for your brand, product or category is the same firm that takes as spokesman and responds to Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

2- Define the purpose

First, you must define the purpose of the brand in the digital world and the value that is going to give consumers, this will be the north of management. You must have an identified value, which becomes a differential to offer its customers, this is something that is deeply rooted in the purpose of the firm and give real value to customers. In this time when everything is exposed in social networks users, the standard for business communication is transparency.

3- Become "Mobile"

Consumers are primarily in mobile devices. That is why sites should contemplate mobility and incorporate the concept mobile first, or at least responsive design (adaptive web design) in their development methodologies to ensure the user experience on their visits.

4- Transmit identity

One of the biggest challenges is to make each of the web contents integrate the DNA of the company, generating consumer identity and coherence between the different channels. This is not to accumulate followers, it is the community that generates interaction. The contents should be customized to the point of capturing the attention of the Internet quickly, creating emotions and relationships with customers. The digital brand must establish itself as a reference point, to become an interactive user experience to the firm.

5- Measure reputation

Measure the reputation at the beginning, during and after. They must generate scripts, frameworks, documents and definitions that allow us to have control over the messages, positions, reactions and escalations in times of crisis. These must be supported by senior management. The measurement of reputation should be a constant and persistent exercise, measuring marks for their value purposes; this should include social listening, measure with persistent messages from the firm and its consumers on the net, knowing clearly its value, its purpose in this interactive world and the way it materializes through appropriate action.

The key is consistency and perseverance.

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