Developing an incinerator toilet that can be used in every home in India

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Different way of sewerage management is needed in India and incinerator toilet may be the way.


It is a known fact that many places in India stink. There is a reason. India's population has grown exponentially, whereas infrastructure such as water and sewerage has not. Sewerage management in particular has been a neglected area. Traditionally, sewer cleaner has been looked down upon. Water shortage has compounded the problem. People in villages go to farms to relieve themselves. This has led to increase in rapes. To counter the rapes, NGOs want to build pit toilets. They feel It would cost about 30000 INR, i.e., roughly about 500 USD.

Bound to fail initiative

The initiative is bound to fail for two reasons.

a) As long as it is effort to carry water each day for daily functions like washing clothes, bathing, washing utensils, and cleaning the house, adding new reason to carry water will not go down well with villagers. It will only increase the workload of women out there because men will not carry water to their homes for this function. Moreover, powerful gangsters are hardly going to let the womenfolk alone if they have to carry water home each day from community wells.

b) Since it is pit type of toilet that is proposed, it will get filled up eventually. This means services of sewer cleaners and scavangers would be needed. This, in turn, ensures that the caste differences and the system of untouchables continues to remain firmly rooted.

Proposed method

Designers be asked to come up with incinerator type of commodes for villages. Such commodes are used in tiny homes and navy crafts as well as air crafts. The burnt content be collected each month and spread in the farms as manure. Obviously, that would not be as objectionable as touching raw feces. Moreover, the fertilizer problem of the farms would be resolved to a great extent.

But there is a hitch again

For traditional commodes, we need water. For incinerator type of commode, we need electricity. With shortage of water as well as power, and required infrastructure, would it be possible to have these commodes out there? Unlikely. So this aspect of "swachch bharat" will remain an illusion unless each of us starts doing something about it.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th May 2015 (#)

I feel solar power can resolve this issue - installed at every home to meet basic needs with subsidy from government - siva

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author avatar vandana7
28th May 2015 (#)

Yes. That is true. But it is expensive. The cost will jump from 30000 to 50000. But I guess that is the only way. :)

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author avatar Ptrikha
3rd Jun 2015 (#)

Solar power will be costly initially, but the costs will be covered over a period of time.
And I also heard of a technology where vaccum is used to clean urinals and even the WCs.
That can also be explored. And as for water availability, Rainwater harvesting can be used to provide for water.

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author avatar vandana7
3rd Jun 2015 (#)

We are past the rainwater harvesting as a method. Our population is increasing at unmanageable pace. We need more place to house people therefore there is less exposed land where water can seep in. That is why rivers are not as full with water as they once were since we are not having enough water seeping into the soil, and we are often drawing it out with bore wells. Rain water harvesting in present format is not enough. We do need to find new methods - methods in which the traditional toilet cleaners "bhangis" will not be called in to clean up. Vacuum I am afraid will continue to create their need. It is inhuman to expect somebody else to be cleaning our excreta.

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