DPGS-Domino's Pizza's diversions and deception: ( my unfair dismissal claim explained #1)

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First in a forthcoming series articles detailing the strength of my unfair dismissal Employment Tribunal claim against Domino's Pizza.

Why I will win my fight for justice

I have posted the following explanation of the strength of my unfair dismissal case against Domino's Pizza on the Indiegogo crowd source funding website as an update.

I reproduce it here for the information of those following my this legal fight for justice - just as I have won the moral fight by refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would have made me complicit to DPGS-Domino's Pizza's cynical, corrupt corporate culture and "crony capitalist" deals.

Why I will win in the end

The main strength of my unfair dismissal claim is that it exposes the falsehood and fraudulence of the reasons DPGS Ltd-Domino's Pizza gave for firing me.

From the outset, the company has claimed that it fired me because I created a petition intended to undermine its relationship with students at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

The truth is that the petition was intended to endear Domino’s to the UEA’s student body by creating the perception that the company (acting through one of its drivers) was paying attention to and finally responding to a request for more Domino’s delivery pick-up points at the UEA.

The DPGS Ltd dismissal letter dated 29th June 2012 and signed by Area Manager Bally Brar, states:

“You have admitted that you started the petition on Facebook. Your Facebook page is open for anyone to view, rather than just friends, and you continue to refuse to accept that there is anything wrong or untoward in your actions. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated or condoned and I consider that you have clearly conducted yourself in a way that is detrimental to your employer and to the brand.”

And Mark Wakelin of Bibby Consulting & Support, who represented DPGS in the dispute, persisted with this same slanderous, self-servingly slanted and fundamentally inaccurate representation of my petition. In his original Response to my claim, he wrote

“On 29th May 2011 it came to the Respondent’s attention that the Claimant had, on his ‘Facebook’ page set-up an online petition, in which he was encouraging students of UEA to sign-up to a petition to complain both to Domino’s and to the UEA about the location to which pizzas were being delivered by the Respondent.”

The petition, which was created on the Change.org website and advertised on my Facebook profile, does not encourage anybody to complain to Domino’s and the UEA. It does not call for any action by Domino’s Pizza or the UEA.

The petition calls for action by the students’ union representatives: the leaders of the Union of UEA Students (UUEA).

That’s because I had been told that it was the UUEA that had decided where the Domino’s delivery pick-up points should be.

It should be clear to an Employment Tribunal judge that the student union is an autonomous body, completely separate and independent from Domino’s Pizza.

This is (or should be) self-evident to the average reasonable person.

And the separation between the students union and the university should be similarly clear, if not as clear.

Indeed, one could expect that for a company like DPGS-Domino’s, which has a very lucrative contractual relationship with the student union (as one Union representative told me just yesterday), the dividing line between the union and the UEA would be even clearer!

One could reasonably expect DPGS Ltd owner Surinder Kandola to be crystal clear about precisely which entity he had contracted with!

I wasn’t. And frankly, to this day, having been denied knowledge of the terms of the contract between DPGS and the Union (by former union Communications Officer Matthew Myles) I find the whole business quite confusing.

Actually, I am eagerly awaiting feedback from Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State at the Department of Health on the relationship between Domino’s and the students’ union body.

He was asked t look into “the relationship between Domino’s Pizza and Educational establishments” by Simon Wright MP, my parliamentary representative.

(To be continued...)




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