Cynical secrecy - the self-destructive chemical weapon of crony capitalist DPGS-Domino's Pizza

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An update on my on-going campaign to rehabilitate the UK's largest Domino's Pizza francisee, owned by millionaire businessman Surinder Kandola.
In this up-date, I share the text of an Indiegogo crowd source funding appeal I've started to cover legal costs associated with my campaign.
In that appeal I liken Mr Kandola's capitalist cynicism to the Sarin gas chemical warfare that Syrian tyrant Bashar al Assad is accused of using against his people.

Promoting ethical business practice and worker empowerment

Below is the text of an appeal I have launched in my ongoing efforts to rehabilitate the United Kingdoms’ largest Domino’s Pizza operation, DPGS Limited, owned by millionaire businessman Surinder Kandola.

In this appeal to cover legal costs I liken the Mitt Romney-like cynical ‘Talibank thinking’ of Mr Kandola to the poisonous Sarin gas Syrian President Bashar al Assad is accused of using to kill his own people.

DPGS Ltd, the United Kingdom’s largest Domino’s Pizza franchisee is propagating a cynical, Sarin gas like, toxic brand of capitalism.

This brand of capitalism – which seems based on a hierarchical, “corporate caste system” with roots in DPGS owner Surinder Kandola’s ancestral home, India – is poisoning the minds of the company’s employees and perpetuating a divisive, hyper-competitive, profit hoarding culture and “ethic”.

I know this because I worked as a DPGS Domino’s Pizza driver for almost five years and for the past 18 months have been pursuing efforts to have DPGS owner Surinder Kandola clean-up the corrupt, secret-deal-sealing, legal-processes-short-circuiting and circumventing culture that apparently underpins his company’s superficial success.

Apparently emboldened by its connections with UK and United States politicians like Tory MP Michael Gove, England’s Education Secretary, and other prominent persons, the Mitt Romney co-founded Bain Capital affiliated DPGS has been flaunting England’s Data Protection and employment contract laws.

For example, I have yet to receive a legally binding written contract from the company despite having worked there for almost 5 years and repeatedly requesting such a contract.

I was first given a contract purporting to be a valid one, but which I had not signed, when I was suspended from DPGS last year on a specious charge of gross misconduct.

I am now fighting the company through an Employment Tribunal because I was eventually unfairly dismissed from working there last June.

I am not alone in my fight for justice though.

Through my work as a citizen journalist – publishing articles and open letters to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and my constituency representative Simon Wright - and similar but less public tactics, I have managed to get Mr Wright’s assistance and he has in turn sought the assistance of the Office of the Information Commissioner and Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State at the Department of Health – who is addressing concerns I raised about an apparently “secret deal” DPGS has made with the student union at the University of East Anglia.

The purpose of this campaign is to help me underwrite the legal costs of my personal fight against unfair dismissal.

I need to raise £780 to cover solicitor firm Leigh Day’s costs to review and possibly appeal an Employment Tribunal judge’s decision to dismiss my case. (Copies of my email correspondence with Leigh Day are included below.)

I believe my case is strong but it is in jeopardy because I was made to pursue it without professional legal help after another legal firm (Stephensons Solicitors LLP), having initially taken it on through England’s Community Legal Advice programme, subsequently abandoned me.

Left to pursue the matter on my own, I did the best that I could – but it was always too much for me to handle, especially since being fired by DPGS had wreaked havoc on my already fragile financial situation, leading me to almost become homeless at one point.

I now have until Friday, the 27th of September to appeal the dismissal of my case. But to allow time for the Leigh Day solicitors to go over all the paperwork generated by my dispute with DPGS-Domino’s since last April, I would like to have the costs of their services covered by Monday, September 21st at the latest.

That gives me 6 days to raise that £780.

There’s no time to lose!

The fact that the Mitt Romney founded Bain Capital owns Domino’s Pizza is not a coincidence.

Mr Kandola mind seems poisoned by the same selective, secretive cynicism that led former US presidential candidate Romney to rashly and flippantly denounce 47% of Americans as worthless welfare-dependent burdens on the United States economy.

Like the Sarin gas that Syrian President Bashar al Assad is believed to have used against his own people, such secrecy-shielded cynicism by Kandola, Romney and other fundamentally empathy bankrupt, creativity-impoverished venture capitalists is at the heart of not only the current global economic crisis but every crisis that can be traced to a failure of human compassion.

The fundamental problem of the Bain Capital founder, Mr Kandola and others like them – with whom erroneously Romney presumed he was “secretly” and therefore safely sharing his poisonously elitist, low-minded opinion of 47% of Americans – is that they have either never known what true entrepreneurial risk-taking is about, or having once known, have forgotten or loss touch with the human vulnerability it involves.

In other words, they have become the victims of their own or their wealth-bestowing parents’ success. They have either never known or grown insensitive to the honest man’s or woman’s hunger and struggle for self-improvement.

They have either never known or become indifferent to a principled person’s attempts to build a business on the basis of something they truly believe in: a business that is an expression of oneself.

This is why Mr Romney apparently thought that he could flippantly dismiss persons on welfare as expendable loser-voters: why he thought that he could claim the high-ground of principled capitalist commerce and responsible citizenship at their expense.

And it is apparently why the politically-connected millionaire businessman Mr Kandola thinks that he can cynically treat the vast majority of the people he employs as mindless play things.

Please help me to help Mr Kandola and others like him to see that beyond our material possessions and other transient differences, as human beings, we are all of equal worth.

I have been writing a book entitled “Diary of a Delusional Domino’s Driver” (the D4 diary) that chronicles my experiences working for and fighting to reform the corporate culture of this global giant.

I am offering copies of the D4 diary and other books I have written or published to persons contributing to this initial legal appeal exploring effort and other legal action that is likely to follow (which Leigh Day estimates could cost between £20,000 and £30,000).

Whatever happens, I will publish that book. It’s not about Domino’s Pizza, Bain Capital, Mitt Romney, Surinder Kandola. I created a D4 Facebook project years ago to document my own struggle with self-esteem and social issues that came to the fore of my consciousness when I started working as a pizza delivery driver but are rooted in my experience of class prejudices and relations in Barbados.

I hold no ill-will toward Mr Kandola, Mr Romney or any other wealthy business persons. Indeed, I offered to write Mr Kandola’s biography because I believe there are some things that I can learn from him.

But Mr Kandola decided it was best to treat me with contempt. He hung up the phone on me, metaphorically, when I called on him to respect me not just as an employee or even a fellow businessman but as a fellow human.

So my struggle is not a legal one primarily. It is ethical.

The legal dimension is, as they say, par for the course.

So, first things first: we need proper legal advice on the merits of the case that I took to the Employment Tribunal.



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