Customer Care.

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Caring about the customer is the most important thing to achieve and maintain sales.

Customer Care.

Now that there is a difficulty in achieving sales, it is even more important than ever, to look after the customer. People are having to make do or mend, instead of buying all the time, luxury goods are a no no, and food, petrol and and heating bills have to take priority. Mortgages are another reason to cut back, as keeping the roof above your head is essential.

If the down turn in sales continues, not only will shops be cutting back on staff, they may even have to close, which is grim news for a lot of people who are employed as shop assistants.

A sales assistant who is doing her job properly, will note when a customer comes into the shop, what they are looking at, and keep an eye on them without appearing to do so. After allowing them to browse, they will go up and politely ask if they can help, making sure that they smile and use a pleasant tone of voice.

Sometimes the customer only wants advice, as they will be purchasing later, maybe after consulting with someone else. This advice should be given courteously, and in smaller more personal shops, when the customer leaves, it is a good idea to open the dooor for them, it’s like a guest leaving your home, and it makes the customer feel special.
After achieving the sale, it is a good idea to offer to gift wrap, particularly if it’s a man. It’s a chore that most men hate! Needless to say, any goods purchased, whether gift wrapped or not, should always be handled with care, especially if they are breakable.

It is very rude to answer a telephone whilst you are serving a customer. The customer in front of you has priority, and the telephone should be answered only if you are free. It’s very hard not to get caught up with something else, and it makes the customer standing there feel totally superfluous, and also neglected.

When customers are treated with the respect they deserve, ( because remember without them you wouldn’t have a job) they will return again and again, and also tell their friends about the wonderful service they get in your shop. If they pay by card, it’s a good idea to make a note of their name, maybe in a little book with a brief description of them, and then use it every time you see them. It willl make them feel cherished, and not just another customer.

If your customer has a complaint, or returns something because it’s faulty or not right, be even more helpful. You might be thinking inside what a nuisance they are, but smile, show them that it isn’t too much trouble, and do it for them. They will remember this, and they will trust you. This will make them feel very confident about your ability to please them, The most important thing in the world is to establish a happy relationship with your customer, and they won’t ever want to go anywhere else.


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7th Jul 2010 (#)

Good points to remember

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