Crucial Things to Remember in Asking for a Raise

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You’ve been in the company for so long and you feel you deserve something. You’ve been thinking about it for some time now but still you just can’t. Here are some helpful tips on how and when to ask for raise.

Time your request when you just made a major accomplishment

This is the perfect time for you to ask for a raise. It would be kind of hard for a boss whom you just made very happy and proud. What if it’s more than one big accomplishment?

Time your request when the company is successful

Your office is making money and growing. The company can afford to give you a raise. You are part of the success.

Make your request when your boss is in a very good mood.

Time your request when the boss is happy and smiling. What a better time to ask for a raise. This is the best time to ask for a raise.

Prepare and do your homework

Get the facts and make an analysis on the earnings of comparable workers in your company or industry. Show them to your boss. Don’t draw attention on the unfavorable but if your boss does, prepare a good reply to overcome his objection.

Be like a “salesman” in your request

Sell your proposal to your boss. You must be convincing in your request. Be prepared for objections your boss may have.

Anticipate by imagining yourself as the boss being asked for a raise

What will be the things you would ask and say to a subordinate making the request to you? Prepare the answers to the questions you think your boss would ask.

Ask yourself, “What good would granting you a raise do to your boss?

If you think you have a very good answer to this question, you may now ask your boss for a raise. It would be hard for your boss to reject something that would also help him do his job better with your recharged and inspired help.

Justify the request with supporting facts or data

Always keep track of your accomplishments and milestones. Document them all. A request supported by hard data is difficult to turn down.

Be careful with resignation threats

Do not threaten your boss with resignation or offers from other companies. You can only do them if you are prepared to really resign.


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5th Mar 2011 (#)

Excellent read...thanks for sharing.

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5th Mar 2011 (#)

Great tips. Thanks

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