Criminal bank

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Marzeus is still impatiently waiting for an answer as to where R1,600 of his vanished from his account with the bank being unable to provide information about this transaction.

Criminal bank

The consultant he's talking to, also asks him if he doesn't think maybe it's so and so. But he keeps telling her he's asking her as a bank what this deduction is for.

The discussion with him is taking far too long to his liking. Eventually the consultant gets on the phone. Marzeus is tired and later on goes to take a seat.

The consultant goes into an office and Marzeus waits a very long time. He's just about made up his mind about moving to another bank and leaving ABSA bank forever.

Finally the consultant comes back. She said she spoke to somebody on the phone. Apparently Marzeus used to have an Performer-Index account with them for an 18 month term. The lady this consultant spoke to said the markets were bad, so Marzeus has lost 10 % of his money and that is what this deduction is for.

Marzeus can barely believe his ears. This is absolute rubbish! He tells the consultant that it is a completely unacceptable answer. First of all, that investment's term had ended more than two weeks before this criminal transaction, and ABSA bank themselves had already sent a letter to Marzeus notifying him of the end of the investment term and that the balance would be available to him three days after. He went to an ABSA branch and with the investment officer they looked at the growth (which was absolutely nothing) of the investment, and then they paid him out the balance.

It's just very unfortunate for Marzeus that he had instructed them to pay out the money into a savings account that he also happened to hold at ABSA, because now they decided two weeks after the investment account was paid out and closed, that they would secretly without Marzeus's knowlege steal back a portion of the paid out money, from this savings account.

Marzeus feels like he can explode. He tells the consultant that it is completely unacceptable, and that he wants the stolen money back.

The consultant seems completely untrained for an issue like this. She invites Marzeus into the office she had come out of, to speak over the phone with the lady she had been speaking to.

The lady on the phone sounds like they deliberately chose her to handle this case because she sounds like a real smooth talker, like she is a sweet little girl who had been eating some butter so she can smear an angry customer honey around the mouth.

But Marzeus is too angry to be soft on her. Her name is Tina. If that is even her real name. She now tries to sweetly run around the bush, saying it was just a problem with the system, and trying to convince Marzeus that they had every right to take his money as they did.

But he's not buying it. Unfortunately there's nothing to gain from talking with Tina. She's now lying through her teeth about letters in the post that must have gotten lost saying exactly how much Marzeus would have gotten at the pay-out date of that investment, but a problem with the system prevented it from showing when he was at ABSA bank requesting the pay-out. Marzeus just knows in his gut that it's all lies, lies, lies, lies, lies...

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