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A couple of weeks ago, friends and I were texting during the Eagles game. My two friends, one of whom is an administrative assistant and one of whom is a teacher, often will share with me what they are doing in their work - the good and the bad.

Heard of Feigning Interest?

At the time I was writing some product descriptions for a furniture website. One of the items for which I had to write a product description was, shall we say, for very particular tastes and I shared a picture of it with my friends. I said what I was doing and then showed them a picture of something I liked better. The two of them, though they didn't say it out right, pretty much acted as if they didn't care. Now, understand that this was through text messages. Even if they didn't care, they could have feigned interest. I should know, I do it enough and so do they.

So I thought I would write this post for all of the copywriters on the Internet who have run into people who think that the work we do is not important. So be ready to be schooled in what a copywriter does.

Many of Us Work Long Hours

OK, yeah I know what you're thinking. You probably work long hours too, right? Do you work 7 days a week? Do you work up to 16 hours a day? Probably not. If you do, I apologize. But between researching, writing, proofreading, looking for work, answering emails, editing, revising, and everything else, yeah, we're working long hours.

True story - when I first started copywriting, I was up until 3 am working on 20 500 word articles for a client. Now, that's not the case anymore. I can write up to 2000 words in an hour or more, depending on the topic and whether I'm familiar with it.

We're Sometimes Expected to Work for Next to Nothing

Go on any freelance website and you are going to see people who have posted jobs where they want to pay someone 1/2 a cent per word. And they say they want a professional, experienced copywriter. Seriously? Now, if I were doing those articles, that would mean I'd make about $10 per hour. Sorry, I've been writing for the Internet for 8 years and I am worth more than that.

We're the Reason You Get Where You're Going

Ever wonder how it is you get to the information you're looking for when you type in a search term? I don't, because I'm one of the reasons you get there. I'm the person who strategically puts those search terms into the website content so that you can find it. I'm the one who distinguishes between gemstone earrings and beaded earrings. I'm the one who tells you whether or not the website sells items with peanuts in it or if it's gluten free. Looking for dark chocolate covered pretzels? If that term hadn't been put there by a copywriter such as myself, you may have wound up at a website that sells dog weewee pads and wondered why you were there!

We Make Things Interesting

I'll tell you. As a copywriter, I have had to be very creative when it comes to describing something that I myself wouldn't buy. No matter how much an item or a topic may repulse me, I have a job to do. Think of it as like a defense lawyer who may believe that their client is guilty as sin but still has to defend them. We have to find the good thing about that item, run with it, and move on.

Millions of People Read Our Work

If I were to add up the words of all of the work I have written over the years, I'm sure that it would be in the millions. I've written thousands of articles and blogs, hundreds of product descriptions, and a variety of eBooks. My writing is out on the Internet. There are millions of people who are out there reading what I wrote.

We Love Our Work

For a copywriter, every day brings something new. We never have a boring day. We never know what a client will request. For myself, product descriptions are my favorite thing to write. They allow me to stretch my creative wings and, although there may be the odd clunker which makes me wonder, "How the heck am I going to make THAT attractive?", most of them are really fun to write.

Thank a Copywriter Today

Remember that every time you go to a website, a copywriter has been there before you. He or she works tirelessly to give you the information you need. He or she makes it interesting. He or she looks at their work with pride knowing that they are making money doing what they love. And he or she will be doing it all again tomorrow.


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30th May 2016 (#)

In tribute to all those real writers out there his is a nice piece!👍👍✍👍👍

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