Communication Barriers

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Every organization uses a communication system that can be compared with Pyramid. Therefore, it has to be understood that communication mainly travels through from top to downward, but in a larger horizon it is multidimensional and multidirectional.

Barriers to Communication

Barriers to communication:
Verbal communication: Communication is the main source for solving any conflict. There can be verbal and non-verbal communication among different employees of different countries. People in different countries speak different languages. Therefore there can be barriers to verbal communication. A person working in USA must know English. If he is not good at it and doesn’t understand English well, there will be barriers to communication. Verbal communication must be more effective and the people having the communication should also be comfortable. Verbal communication should not reflect the essence of inferiority or superiority between the managers and the work group.
The various types of verbal communication barriers that can take place in the world are:
• Cultural barriers: People from different cultures communicate in different languages. It makes communication difficult.
• Presentation of the speech: It is very important while communicating. It makes things clear and easy to understand. If presentation is poor and not clear, it cannot give clear instruction and hence the entire communication goes wrong.
• Evidence cannot be given: whenever there is any verbal communication taking place between two people, evidence is not given. This can also act a barrier for verbal communication.
Non-verbal barriers: Non verbal communication can be the E-mail communication, telly-calling etc. In this type of communication the works of the speaker and the way he approaches the work group is more important.
The various types of non-verbal barriers are:
• Body language: it is an important tool while communicating. The message cannot be passed appropriately, if there is no proper body language while communicating
• Facial expression: Facial expression can many a times be misunderstood.
• Silence: silence is used when the person disregards another person need for communicating.
The situation of conflict can be caused if Communication Privacy is not taken care of. Communication Privacy is a term when a person tries to control or hide their private information. This type of theory is mainly seen when the video clip or artefact can hamper someone’s feelings or emotions. Communication Privacy theory is managed by some organisations which concentrates only on the privacy part of it. Everyone has the right to control their private information. Many of them have patented their right because of which they do not want anyone else to take advantage of their knowledge or skills. This type of privacy is done when a person expertise in a particular field of knowledge and do not want anyone else to know about it. He can expose his actions on it but they do not expose the procedure or skills needed for the same. The partners using the same information should mutually negotiate between each other and should agree upon a similar decision about not revealing the information to any outsider other than the private organisation or the private group. One the two parties share the information, one the party giving the contract and the other working upon the contract to execute it. This information is privately shared only between two parties.


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