Communicating for success

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To build a successful career, there is need for effective communication. Effective communication is not rocket science. It is possible for us to win the respect and admiration of people we encounter daily and take our careers to an enviable level.

Communicating for success

Communicating for success
By Charles Kaye Okoye

Communicating effectively is not only required in the corporate environment, it is important for building a successful career. A poor performance during a media interview can permanently damage one's credibility. Investors may lose confidence in a leader if he struggles to pass his message across during an investors annual meeting. An employee nonchalant attitude may cost him his job.

Consider this complaint from a customer:

My name is Daniel Boyo a long-standing customer of your organisation. I started banking with HBB since its inception 12 years ago. And because of the company’s level of professionalism and commitment to customer service, I’ve had reasons to refer several people to bank with you. During the course of my dealings with your company in the last 12 years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting different bank officers in your various branches. Many of them are usually refined and courteous, displaying the right attitude and always willing to help. They indeed represent the true image of what HBB stands for –professionalism and sincere love for customers.

Recently, I was transferred to the western part of the country and my Account Officer was changed. I went to my new branch in Mokulu expecting to receive the same level of service I get in your other branches but I was disappointed. I walked into your Mokulu branch on July 6th 2009 at about 10am with my wife to sign some documents for the fixed deposit account I intended opening for her. My new Account Officer in person of Miss Kiki Adegoke apparently wasn’t happy to see us and she didn’t fail to convey this message in all of her body language. She had an aura of a goddess that needed to be worshipped but since we refused to worship her, she attended to us more like she was doing us a favour. She did not tell us she had more important things to do but her action communicated that message. Her eyes were everywhere but never in our direction and she frowned at almost every question my wife asked. She received 2-3 calls without apologizing and when my wife made a mistake on one the forms, the expression on her face was more like “You illiterate can’t you sign a simple form”. She addressed my wife in a tone I didn’t particularly like and made her feel like an irritant and illiterate. When I tried to correct her she apologized -again in a harsh voice- and told us that her voice is usually like that.

I later discovered that Miss Kiki is a fresh graduate but I also know that HBB has a policy of training its fresh intakes before posting them to various branches. I really wonder if she has received any form of training because her attitude was not in consonance with the standard of your organisation. For a second, I almost didn’t believe I was in HBB. I, however, suggest she be tutored and groomed according to the standard of HBB so that she doesn’t obliterate the image of the organisation.

My wife and I are degree holders and we work in reputable organisations but even if we are illiterate I don’t think we deserve such treatment from a representative of your organisation. We, therefore, demand an apology for the uncouth behaviour of Miss Kiki Adegoke; we also like to demand that another account officer be assigned to us. We wouldn’t like to continue dealing with someone who makes us feel unimportant.

Ineffective communication accounts for majority of problems associated with the corporate environment – a subordinate’s constant altercation with his supervisor due to the subordinate’s uncouth behaviour; a client’s refusal to patronize a business owing to bad mannerism of company’s representative, a team’s inability to reach a consensus as a result of the egocentric behaviour of team head.
Communication skills include eloquence in speech, this helps to project an image of intelligence. Reporting to supervisors, management, investors or client in a professional manner which might be in form of written reports, professional presentations and research is another aspect of communication skills. Also is the ability to apply tact and diplomacy, pay close attention to body language, tone of voice and facial expression

Without effective communication skills, we will be unable to market our skills and potentials adequately, thereby limiting our chances of succeeding in life. People who have attitude problem -a deficiency of communication skill- will soon discover that co-workers hate them, less intelligent people receive promotions over them and in most cases they will find it extremely difficult to receive favours from others; this consequently will increases their stress and frustration level. They might spend ample time thinking about people who hate them, vent their anger on those around them, and unconsciously become toxic waste to the system. A lot of people have lost their job or the opportunity to take their career to an enviable level due to ineffective communication.

Networking, an element that is considered imperative to career advancement thrives on good communication skills; this requires our ability to interact with a wide variety of people that we meet on a daily basis. If your body language, tone of voice or choice of words suggests you are arrogant, aggressive, or unintelligent, people will be less likely to listen to what you have to say and potential opportunities for personal and professional growth will be lost.

In all of their dealings, individuals with fine-tuned communication skills apply tact and diplomacy in relating with difficult internal and external customers and all of these qualities make them advance faster in their career. Many wrongly assume that, individuals who are effective communicators were born with huge amounts of natural talent. On the contrary, Ronald Reagan was trained by some of the best communication trainers in the world and was known for consistently working on his ability to win people. Bill Clinton on the other hand studied the speeches and communication styles of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. He worked intensely on his communication skills and his speaking abilities left a lot to be desired in the early years of his political career.
Like Reagan and Clinton, Obama is reputed to have worked hard on improving his communication skills and the ability to connect with the audience. You only need to see some earlier film footage of Obama’s speeches, to see the significant improvement in his performance. By effectively convincing your employee, persuading clients and connecting with your colleagues through a refined demeanour and mannerism in your verbal and non-verbal expression, you will win people’s admiration. This admiration will consequently open doors of opportunities. Customers and potential clients will prefer to relate with you, in some cases they will refer you to friends and family. And as you expand your contact base, you will find it easier to move up your career ladder.
Effective communication is not rocket science. It is possible for us to win the respect and admiration of people we encounter daily and take our careers to an enviable level. These competencies which include being assertive, persuasive, diplomatic, or civilised with the ability to pay close attention to body language, tone of voice and facial expression can be learnt by everybody only if we commit to mastering the act of effective communication.


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author avatar D in The Darling
20th Aug 2011 (#)

Communication is the foundation of every successful venture be it in business or love.

Thanks doe sharing.

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author avatar Charles Kaye Okoye
24th Aug 2011 (#)

welcom D, it's important indeed, and makes a world of difference.

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author avatar Steph
24th Aug 2011 (#)

communication is a capstone of every happiness and joy in the world

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author avatar Patrick Udemba
26th Aug 2011 (#)

communication, is of d essence,
effective communication is the key to the unknown

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author avatar Chidimma
27th Aug 2011 (#)

that's a good one there!

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author avatar Idris ahmad
9th Sep 2011 (#)

communication,is a tool when its done in d rigth way.

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