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Interviews could be difficult if not understood beforehand. Hence understanding each forms and approaches are important.

Why we fail in the Case type Interviews?

Now-a-days people are getting smarter and intelligent to occupy a sit in the job competition. On the other hand it is very tough to select the right person for the right job. As long as the two conflicting items are not solved management would try many other ways from numeric test to psychological tests, just to be ensured that right person is being hired. Other people might say why worry if some one leaves the post takes another one. Those are the fools to follow; in management cost of turn over is much higher than it is calculated. Most of us can calculate what we see in tangible sense, not the intangible costs what cut the resources quietly. However, this is one of the new techniques that management do follow while recruiting staff.

The Case type Interviews:
Definition: Just because we have never heard of it doesn't mean we never will! In a case interview, the interviewer will present a real or hypothetical business problem, and ask to analyze the situation and present how we might go about solving it. These types of interviews are typically used when applying for investment banking or management consulting posts. The interviewer is usually trying to assess our critical thinking skills and general business knowledge. Normally, we are not given enough information in the outset to identify the problem and come up with a solution. In fact, we are expected to ask smart questions to get to the desired outcome.

Now the question is how to Ace It?
In a case interview, there really is no perfect and correct answer. We are going to be judged more on how we approach the problem than on the specific solutions we come up with. That is the methodologies and structural nature of solution that related to theoretical knowledge too.
-We better start by fully understanding the situation, based on the information been given. Need to remember that this type of interview is a two-way conversation, and the interviewer will likely deliberately leave key information out to make sure we ask the right questions. If at any point, we are unsure what is being asked, it is us to make sure to ask for clarification before proceeding.

-Once we are sure we understand the problem at hand, we would take time to organize our thoughts and present a possible solution. If we need to ask more questions, we would rather go ahead and do so.

-One way to prepare in advance for this type of interview is to practice with case examples that we can get for free on-line too!


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Thank you for this information, Md Rezaul Karim.

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