Can You Make A Successful Career Without A College Diploma?

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High Grades Isn't the only main determinant for success, it's hard work and persistence.

Are You A Bookworm or a Street Smart?

Education plays an important and essential role towards an individual’s career. His marketability as an employee will mainly depend when he is a college degree holder. Out of school youth are perceived as individuals with dim future. Completing a college degree is very important. Not only it will boost your confidence towards being an employable individual, it will also be a good ground for you to acquire the proficiency, skills and know-how to face the vast array of the competitive industries, especially on a corporate setting.

Unfortunately, not everybody will have a chance to finish a college degree to acquire a diploma. There are countless less privileged youth. That would be a big disadvantage for the youth who didn’t have the opportunity to finish their scholastic endeavors because they are less likely to be employed especially to the third world nations with very low employment rate. The job market and employers has certain standards to be met for them to hire an applicant. It’s more likely that fresh graduates with honors and good class standing and straight A’s will get the job, while the less privileged will be left behind.

However, there is a s saying “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. Basically, there are two types of smart people, the bookworm and the street-smart. The bookworm are thescholars, academicians and the professors. They are the inquisitive minds that are highly knowledgeable on a certain field, individuals who acquired specific masteries on a particular subject. But we should understand that being knowledgeable doesn’t necessarily mean being great when it comes to hands-on skills and practical application. There are highly successful self-made people who weren’t educated by a formal school setting. They are influenced and molded by real life hardships and adversities, virtually coined as the “school of hard knocks”.

Having a college degree is a significantdeterminant for a corporate world. But on an entrepreneurial world, everybody is on a fair ground. This time, education is substantial, but not necessary. Don’t you know that the world’s wealthiest man was acollege dropout? His name is Bill Gates, founder of the iconic company, Microsoft. But don’t be misled; education still plays an important role towards the chase for success, as it will boost your confidence, proficiency as well as your reputation.

But for those who didn’t have the chance to finish schooling, don’t be disheartened and discouraged.Education is important, but being street-smart can also do wonders. The ideal mindset you should possess is to train yourself to be hands-on, know the tricks of the trade and be educated. If not in school, at least read books, references and browse the internet. Be like a sponge, be hungry for information.

This dynamic combination of trait and attribute will give you the tools to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life.


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7th Jul 2015 (#)

Having a degree doesn't always mean you are going to make money.

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