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Are you advertising your business in the most profitable way, or missing a vital technique?

Business Advertising Advice

‘Small Business Administration US’ advise that you use 5% and no more of your budget on advertising so for this reason it’s beneficial to explore the cheaper ways of advertising. Advertising is possibly the most crucial part of any business, especially in the earlier stages when it’s vitally important to get your name out there. You might want to try spending some time with your team brainstorming ideas for your slogan, catchy sentence or a single message, the idea behind it is that your slogan will become embedded in peoples minds and they will remember that much more easily than a larger sales pitch. For example everybody knows that Mcdonalds have the message ‘’I’m lovin’ it’’ and if someone was to say to you ‘I’m lovin’ it’ you would immediately think of Mcdonalds, their slogan comprises of 3 easy to remember words and that is the general idea with business advertising, short, catchy and memorable. It’s not a good idea to boast or brag with a slogan, things such as ‘’We are the leading company of IT Solutions in the whole of the united states’’ you will obviously want this somewhere in your advertising as Mcdonalds do with their farming programmes and schemes with farmers around the world and this is a beneficial piece of information and can be beneficial to be included somewhere it isn’t for the slogan as it’s far too long. Perhaps trying alliteration in your slogan this can sometimes help it stick in peoples minds.

Ideally you may want all your business information compiled into your advertising but this can be impossible due to the size of offline advertising paraphernalia such as leaflets and brochures so it is a good idea to have the most important aspects of your business on all of your advertising and leaving out all the lesser important things, like how long you have been established, how large you team is etc though this information may be a good idea to list elsewhere like on a website, it isn’t going to draw people in and want them to know more by you saying the number of years you’ve been active. It is always a good idea to leave a large section free for your contact details, if people can see things like your website and contact numbers straight away they can be more likely to jot down the details rather than having to search your leaflet for a tiny phone number try making it stand out more.

Perhaps trying adding a logo or design which can run through all of your advertising, a little character or object which is unique only to your business. For example if you are designing advertising materials to promote your business as Plumbers and your slogan is something like ‘’Floridas Friendly Fixers’’ than a design of a cartoon spanner with a smiling face is something that over time people will relate to only your business by seeing your advertising materials and this can be broadened if you get into television advertising, the spanner could speak etc.


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