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in every business opportunities ,there are some preparations to undertake business. It is not possible to launch business without capital ,labor and innovative ideas. The business opportunities are many and varied. First you have to decide which sort of business you are interested? This is very important to determine the business.


if you want to explorethe scope of business in the market ,you will come across a series of opportunities in the business . consumer business is the most important of all businesses in our day to day lives.if you deal in consumer goods , you will find ample opportunities to start your business. there are so many consumer items in the market that you can choose for you can select a single or many items for business. you have to face initial difficulties while launching your business for the first time.There are similar shops selling same consumer items in the market . subtle competition develops in between the shop owners. those who welcome the customers with their sweet behaviour are ultimately sure to win the race. They can progress their business very well. consumer goods are many and different in the market. You can cater to
the needs of thousands of people. You can not pass a single day without the use of essential consumer items. It is no doubt to think that you can invest in
such business with a mind for profit. Besides consumer goods,.you can invest in service sector like repairing of electrical goods,refrigerators,ac machines, car repairing etc In all these cases you have to be trained first. After training you
can open a shop and do your business repairing. .In the service sector .you can open tailoring shop for men and women. or hair cutting saloon for both the sexes. You can open the ready made food / sweet meat shop for the customers. Restaurant or spice hotel may be opened for the customers near the central bus stand of the town or the railway station.

Different types of business opportunities

It is needless to say that consumer goods cover all items right from toothpaste, toothbrush, towel ,tea, sugar ,milk and biscuit in the morning to break fast, lunch and dinner at night. All food articles covered under consumer items are made available in grocery stores. All other non food items are made available in stationery shops. All educational items right from the books,copies, pen, pencil,ink, etc are made available from the books and stationery shops.Besides these shops,there are many other shops wherein you may deal with the building construction materials and steel and wooden furniture . You may open variety stores for men and women. When you have a desire to do business, you can open a shop of ready made garments.for kids, men's ware and ladies ware .You can open shoe shops provided you have sufficient fund to invest. There are two aspects of all these business- one is retail and the other is wholesale.provided you have a fair knowledge of intricacy of the business.You can launch the manufacturing business provided you are well trained in the matter.and have a family tradition . It is also not a fact that without family background one man can reach to one's goal provided heor she has tenacity,firm determination and hard labour.


.Business opportunities are different and can be started if you have knack of doing so. In every business finance is the most important driving force. Moreover personal labour ,intelligence tenacity etc are the essential qualities required for business. You can not run your business without the help of co-workers and labourers who will follow the instructions of the owners..A successful business man is he who is the leader of his business team in this age of globalisation.


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