Business Edge by Data Management - Part-I

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This is first article in the series of article on Business Edge by Data Management. This series will unleash the journey about how Data Management will bring the business Edge over competition.

Entrerprise Data

Scope of Enterprise Data is now started changing over the period. Initially data lies every where and used in context of required action or area of business. No relation among the various data was available. Each individual or each department has its own data and they try get edge over other individual or department by analysing same.

Typical old time priest take advantage over other society member as he has data from ancestor

This has been changed in digitized world where centralized data bases for Line of Business started. Then gradually it is become Data-ware house. But in this era also 90% data is transactional data. Transaction data mean business action data like point of sell (POS) data. Mostly these data are generated within enterprise. Hence there is more control on data life cycle. Typical source for such enterprise data is ERP system like SAP which is generally primary source for such data.

But Boom of social network and e-commerce has changed all value game. customer behaviour and reaction and predication is beyond predication of the Data which has been created internally. Since internal data will give the only the fact of when they had transacted with enterprise and of what value but failed to tell why? Hence predication will based of frequency pattern only.

Now the additional data source i.e. Big data , which is generated by the computing system (like Mobile) which are around customer also playing role. This is become created humongous task of collecting as well as mining it.

Earlier Business Intelligent technique has been matured and it is not giving any competitive business Edge over the competition unless these new data has been brought in , managed cost effectively, and mined with co-relation with internal data.

This also put forward another question in Life Data Management and Business analyst.

a. is these data can be trusted?
b. How I am protecting privacy of internal as well as external data?
c. How will I govern this?.

Analyst Additional question.
- What is quality of data in measurable unit?
- What is predication quality in measurable unit?

Next Part I will start explaining these topic in detail. Especially all types of data , there source which will be become the part of Enterprise Data,


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th May 2015 (#)

Information overflow can be daunting like - water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. We need to distill the humongous data to make meaning out of them -- siva

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author avatar Jayant Dani
28th May 2015 (#)

@shivram , you are absolutely right and there is where new era of Data Management will able to govern convert this information water into control drikable water source and rest to go to sea.

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author avatar Nikhil Patwardhan
28th May 2015 (#)

Excellent Article. Looking forward to more in this series.

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author avatar Raju
1st Jun 2015 (#)

Nice article Jayant. It gives insights where industry is heading. Waiting for the next article in this series.

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author avatar KING
5th Jun 2015 (#)


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