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Businesses are ever changing. New faces are coming in. Baby boomers are retiring. The work-force keeps getting younger and younger. This generation of business owners are trying to develop a zero policy for their employees. In developing this "new age" way of handling the more younger generation of employees, there is a breach in communicating what is to be expected from the employer. When should the employee expect the zero policy? They should expect it upon hire.

Business Communication

Every now and then you may get an employee or two that thinks that they do not have to follow rules. They may even think that they are above management. This is always the case with the new generation of workers that companies are hiring now. Customers are always right! This is the slogan that many companies have implemented in their policies. With this new generation of younger workers coming in, they cannot grasp this concept. Sometimes, they want to get an attitude, or mouth back. This is never the way in dealing with customers or staff.

Upon hire in any company, you may develop relationships. It may be a relationship between employer and employee. It may be a relationship with worker and customer. There is always a relationship going on. With this in mind, it should be treated as such. Not only do you develop relationships, but you develop business professionalism. Building a relationship between staff and management or staff and customer go hand in hand with professionalism. There is a way that it should be done. It should be done with all courtesy and respect. The younger generation of employees have not contained this concept of professional stigma. Not because of race, ethnic background, or creed. But because of training.

Business communication has to be taught. You have to be trained how to speak and what to say in the work-place. Slang and profanity should never be used when dealing with customers or each other in the work-place. There is no place for such language. Executive managers and CEOs should begin to put work-shops and videos in place that will show the new employee what they expect in their companies. No one should be talked down or belittled in any Company. This goes for inside and outside the work-place. As the work-force continues to strive for excellence and its employees get younger, many companies are going to come up with a strategy that will keep the work flow going. They will do this by coming to the needs of their employees. They will begin to hire a more blended staff. Then they will make sure that policies are in place that will guarantee what is to be expected from their employees. Business communication training will take place upon hire. This will keep staff on jobs more longer when this is done and done correctly.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Aug 2013 (#)

Good post, Kisha. The ways of communication in college will make its impact in the business field. It will permeate into the system and as long as it reflects the culture of society it is okay as businesses have also to trend forward - siva

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