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Building a web-site is today more than putting together an excellent visual design, whilst that is a key aspect it is also vital to be discovered. Search engines, like Google, are one of the most fundamental aspects of any web strategy and it is important to be found, but are you on the first page or the last?

Content is "King"

Within a website content is supposed to be king, without is the visitors to the site would not stay, it should not be surprising to state that companies need to have a strategy for the content, how they manage it, and how it fits into their goals for search engine optimization, or SEO. But firstly each website needs to deliver the "meat" -- the content, itself and normally developing content shouldn't be an issue, the average corporation has more than it could ever use locked away in its files somewhere - it is simply a case of revealing it in the most appropriate way. In addition there are plenty of content providers who will contribute articles for $25 to $50 per item at sites like Freelancer or Elance.

Each website starts and ends with the content that it offers - it is your opportunity to portray your brands in the most favourable light, if you are unable to do this then who else is able to? Do not lie about your capabilities but you can certainly paint them in the best light possible. When other people praise your site or your products then it is also wise to reciprocate, to quote what they said and provide a link back to their recommendation. This means that you must always be thinking about content, do not spend time creating your website, only to leave it unchanged for years and years, content must also stay fresh - it does not need daily updates, simply regular attention.

It’s all fine and dandy to have a nice flashy website but if no one visits your site then what good is it?

Keyword Strategy

In developing a keyword strategy you should remember that it is preferable your site has at least 25 pages, of course as a small business it is likely you will start with much less but adding more pages is something you can do over time and that will also tell Google and other search engines that your site is serious when they will send a spider (which is a piece of software) and will therefore spend time evaluating your site.

It is suggested that you aim for a minimum of 5 category pages and 5 content pages within each category; yet some categories can be built within a single page, yet others could easily grow to 25 pages on their own, each page must have it own distinct set of keywords, to use search engines effectively you are seeking to drive people to specific pages based on the visitor's search criteria. It is fair to ask just what a category is, in truth it is just an arbitrary grouping of content, such as for each brand that your business markets, but it may be something more esoteric than that.

By defining a fundamental SEO strategy, the site owner can weather almost every storm that any new search algorithm uses, and there can be times when the Search Engines seem to change their approach weekly, truth is as a site owner, running your own business you cannot hope to keep up with all these changes in technology.

Start by building a short list of words that you believe will be good keywords to be used for each page on your site, type each of the keywords into a search engine, like Bing or Google, then see whether the top ranking pages are in your marketplace, if they are not then it is necessary to change the keywords used and fine-tune then a little until the search yields results that matches corporations that are your competitors. This should enable you to fine tune your list of keywords. You need to standing out from the crowd but you also have to match the crowd, some of your search words will match your brand unique selling proposition but other relate to the general marketplace. To be honest your content should make you stand out once you become visible to the person performing the search.


Traffic to your online business can mean the difference between success and failure. Increasing the number of people who visit a company's website is a topic of importance for most online businesses. Unlike city streets you actually want people eager to visit your website, without this traffic your internet marketing strategy is severely limited, one aspect that should be considered here is the use of social media sites in order to build ongoing connections with prospects and clients. Ultimately it is important to have a multi-faceted approach.

How do you go about testing your strategy? This is an important question and here is where engaging an Internet publicity strategist can help, although there are many amateurs that have hit on the right formula all on their own. The key here is actually about thinking like the would be purchaser of your product of service - what are they thinking when they start searching?

Leveraging the Social Web

You may decide to use the Social Web in order to drive traffic to your website. The other aspect here is regular publishing of a Blog, publish weekly articles and the amount of content associated with your site grows dramatically. Ultimately using a solid analytics tool is critical; whether that is Google Analytics, or something more advanced, find a tool that can handle your data tracking needs and ensure that you have the staff who understand how to analyze the information provided. In addition to that developing KPIs will account for your progress is just as important in social as it is in traditional or digital marketing.

Test your messaging. One of the aspects of using social media is the need to provide something of value to your followers, and this encompasses the type of marketing messages you send out. The general rule is 8 to 10 post of general industry interest to 1 post of an advertising nature. Understand whether your Twitter followers prefer questions over statements, light hearted discussion or a serious approach to topics? Do Facebook fans respond better to images, information, an active community or contests? Each question will allow you to fine-tune your approach.

Developing Sales Because of Your On-line Presence

When you are selling products on-line it is vitally important to build trust. One of the ways to do this is to offer a money back guarantee. This strategy helps foster an atmosphere of trust with your prospective customer. Ultimately trust builds loyal customers.

Not all companies are looking to leverage the web as a direct sales tool, yet their web presence is still a vital component of their marketing strategy. It is still vital to build trust, this type of company may find massive benefits from developing their on-line networks and building a social media presence. Here the connections with people are all the more vital as the marketing is still very personal and the on-line presence is about providing information and developing trust.

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3rd Mar 2011 (#)

Some very helpful tips there, many thanks

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author avatar Denise O
3rd Mar 2011 (#)

Nicely written. I agree, trust is the key. I will not mention any names but, I was so disappointed in one transaction I have yet to buy on line since then. I think you have provided the do's and dont's just perfectly.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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