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The majority of businesses do not have the power of a famous name to propel traffic to their website. This is where they need to leverage the power of social networks as a method of building trust and gaining popularity. This is the value of your brand having an independent presence on Social Media.


Social networks and social media is capable of influencing how other people look at the products and services we have to offer. Whatever you offer for sale it is essential the brand or product name is being marketed in part through the Internet. It is all about aiding publicity and building the trust of your customers.

A famous name can propel a business so far, yet the majority of businesses do not have the advantage of a Kim Kardashian or a Michael Jordan popularising their brand or propelling traffic to their website, therefore it is necessary to leverage other tactics to build popularity. One thing remains true about marketing, all businesses must build relationships in order to build revenue and sales; the same is true when managing your brand's social media presence, it is a key part of relationship building, yet the responsibility here is not purely a sales effort.


The value of your brand having an independent presence on certain social networks cannot be understated; part of this drives sales, but in part it is about building relationships with existing customers and tending to their needs and problems.

Did you know that your disgruntled customer is more likely to tell their friends about their problems on Facebook than they are to call your customer support line. This says you must know what is said about your products and respond appropriately to their needs. Experience has shown that helping resolve peoples issues in public opens up the prospect for future sales.

Another aspect to consider here is that in order to drive the right value it is often important to engage a partner, an Internet publicity firm, the author Peter Giblett actually works in this field and can help you maximise your presence and improve sales.


Which social media tools to use is a vital question and will largely depend on the industry your business is in. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. take slightly different approaches and attract different audiences which may or may not be right for you and how you use them depends on what is right for your industry and your needs for a global presence, in addition it is necessary to consider Twitter as an avenue to get your message out - 140 characters can bring a powerful message.

Managing your brand's social media presence takes ongoing effort. It is not like creating an advertising campaign, where once launched you can expect to reap the rewards of extra sales because it is playing every night on prime-time TV. Leveraging the power of Social Media takes a persistent and consistent presence.

Social media tools can be a constant source of customer service enquiries, those 'how to' questions which need to be answered to the customer's satisfaction yet it can also be used to discover how customers wish to see your product be developed. Customers are always prepared to critique and offer suggestions, which may benefit product development teams. An holistic approach should be taken in respect of your corporate social media presence.


Monitoring is important! Responses do not have to be made the split second an enquiry or complaint is made, but their needs to be timely and proportionate response, show them you are listening and that you care. Thank them where appropriate and tell them how to do it if necessary - think about the person putting together a piece of IKEA furniture, don't abandon them when they need help.

The first element here is about setting up a monitoring or listening station. How you do this can be as simple as a keyword search in Twitter, Facebook or other sites, yet this need require complex monitoring software and this is where your Internet publicity partner should be able to guide you.

In essence every business has to cost effectively monitor the buzz on the Internet about your brand or product and advise on how to respond in each circumstance - I would also go to the extent of commenting on Blogs that review your product and address their concerns.


The right response is crucial in all circumstances. Generally people do not want is smooth marketing talk. If they have a problem then it is better to have a product specialist respond with information about how to make the product work again; this is about being seen as the solution provider, it is even possible to suggest resolutions to problems with competing products (but NEVER use this as an opportunity to provide a sales pitch - help them resolve their problem, that is all). Most responses can be made by the right expert within the business responding, yet knowing how busy people are it is often best to have someone independent monitor interactions then ensure the right person responds in a timely fashion.

Much of this interaction is about being involved in an on-going conversation that is happening on-line. It is developing in all sorts of directions, only very few of which any corporation need concern themselves with. It is important to be focused and targeted in all communications. Ultimately each brand needs to exude its personality to the outside world through its social networking interactions.

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Feb 2015 (#)

Good information. Blessings.

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author avatar Carol Roach
25th Feb 2015 (#)

I once was a ghost writer for a company who rebuilt the reputations of companies that we tarnished because of consumer complaints

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
25th Feb 2015 (#)

Carol, that is precisely why I say that response needs to be both timely and proportionate and they should seek to solve problems.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
25th Feb 2015 (#)

Peter, great article and information. I have found that just monitoring all my sites is so time consuming. I never dreamed that it would be like this. Smiles to you this morning!

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
25th Feb 2015 (#)

That is one of the reasons why I suggested that businesses need professional help.

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author avatar Retired
25th Feb 2015 (#)

Helpful information!

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author avatar Retired
2nd Mar 2015 (#)

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

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