Building Trust in your Brand with Digital Marketing

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Reasons to build up your brand through creative digital marketing techniques

New age customers, new age marketing techniques

Across the world, brands and businesses utilize new media marketing to make their mark on the web. Consider the impact of those brands you see on billboards, on the sides of buses and before the film you’re seeing; immediately, you place trust in these brands’ authority to provide the services they are advertising, and simply because they’re able to market themselves in well-established places.

When it comes to doing it digital, the goal is to create that very same authority for a brand across all facets of the web. But the game is changed! Your target audience is now well adjusted to life on the internet, so it’s up to digital marketing professionals to also adapt how they go about it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways we use digital marketing as a powerful tool for assisting the user experience.

The different realms of creating and assisting in digital content

The first step is researching important information related to consumer search patterns, what search terms and phrases they’re searching for, and how you’re getting to the pages that matter. This information, which is readily available from Google, is attained by monitoring the use of its search engines and is converted into data that makes digital marketing development possible.

For a start-up or small business, using these services is important, especially for understanding how to effectively enter a competitive market and offer, essentially, the same service as a more established company with, for example, a 2 year head start. It’s all about the strength of your online presence:

• Are your social media campaigns up to date?
• Do you have other websites linking to your content?
• Is your content fully SEO (search engine optimized) and keyword rich?
• Is your website user friendly and do people spend a lot of time browsing when they visit?

All these aspects directly affect the performance of your brand on the web, and hence the reason almost all digital marketing jobs directly focus on improving these elements.

Nurture and develop your online presence, don’t cheat the system!

Google is like Skynet; almost sentient in its understanding of humans (they’re also apparently building robots, should we be worried?) they’ll also catch you out if you try to cheat the system. Don’t rely on link spamming or ‘black hat’ marketing techniques. Even trying to mask or cloak your links as something else won’t work, Google knows!

The same goes for social media services; don’t try and buy ‘likes’ or promote your page or spam links to people that follow you, it’s very likely you’ll be penalised and could even risk being banned from the platform altogether.

Let’s, for example, take a look at a selection of digital marketing jobs. The objective of each focuses on a different aspect of online customer interface interaction, as well as expanding a brands’ digital presence. Whether it is via content management, social media campaigns or eCommerce platforms, the focus is on improving these services to convert the customer through legitimate means.

Be patient: good things come to those who wait

Digital marketing is a constantly changing landscape. Remember that a good quality, implemented digital marketing strategy takes time to fully optimize and succeed. If you’re all about that quick and easy ROI, then digital marketing techniques and practices may frustrate you a bit. You should start to see clear results at around 4 – 6 months, as your site improves in search rankings and your offsite authority becomes stronger.

Ultimately, it’s important to appear to your target audience as a legitimate source of expenditure or business enquiry. The goal is all about that conversion in the end. Whether it’s converting a visit into an enquiry, or a lead into a sale, digital technology allows us to create an experience for the user that is comfortable and assists the process of purchasing with minimal effort and flow.

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